Sanibel Island Golf

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Sanibel Island Golf Tips

Golfing in Sanibel Island, Florida is unparalleled. Several championship golf courses are out there in the island with public access, plus there are more than a dozen executive or par three golf courses within this barrier island off the southwest coast of Florida. Much to that, the breathtaking scenery that you will encounter while playing Sanibel Island golf will surely help you build memories that will last you a lifetime.

However, before you consider Sanibel Island golfing, I have here some golf tips for you to consider. Just note the following for these might help you achieve an ultimate Sanibel Island golfing experience.

* In Sanibel Island, the gentle sunshine never stops, so if warm weather is something that will affect your Sanibel Island golfing, consider choosing tee times in early morning or late afternoon. This will help you avoid the warmest hours of the day.

* Before you even get to the Sanibel Island golf course, start hydrating yourself. Note that with island's humidity, you will no doubt need to keep yourself full of water. If possible, take along a couple bottle of water to refresh yourself along the way.

* When playing Sanibel Island gold even on the mildest of days, it is important for you to use a good quality sunscreen. One of the most important things to bring is least 15-spf. Also, wear a light colored hat that will help you keep a bit cooler in direct Florida sun.

* Expert golfers in Sanibel Island often recommend taking the time to arrive early to the Sanibel Island golf courses for the game. This is to give you enough time to stretch and get your muscles primed for action. Note that warming up properly makes all the different and helps prevent muscles soreness.

* In playing Sanibel Island golf, warm your swing up by hitting some golf balls on the driving range prior to the start of the game. According to some experts, this will help you obtain the kinks out of your swing. Also, if the facilities at the Sanibel Island golf courses are available, try practicing your chipping and putting, with particular focus on getting the obtain within a few feet of the hole.

* Think for an attitude adjustment. This is sometimes important before you start your game. For an excellent game, simply think confidence. Sanibel Island golf is largely a mental game, thus a positive attitude could be the deciding factor in a hole in one.

* Before you play Sanibel Island golf, ask about the twilight rates that the Sanibel Island golf course may have. You might find that they are usually much less than the regular green fees.

* In Sanibel Island, the fall and winter months typically bring breezy days that will require you to compensate for the direction of the wind. As often observed during these months, the wind tends to gust around 20 mph from any direction on the compass; however, the temperatures are delightful and the days are sunny and irresistible for getting out on the Sanibel Island greens.

* Most of the Sanibel Island golf courses are shared with all sorts of critters. So, take along a pair of binoculars if you want to discover everything that the nature has to provide. Also, you will see a number of varieties of birds, particularly large birds like the graceful snowy egret and sandhill crane.

* Finally, relax and have fun. After all, you are on a Sanibel Island vacation. So, enjoy.

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