Car Rentals With Satellite Radio

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Car Rentals With Satellite Radio

The launch of the satellite radio has caused quite a stir in the consumer market and has provided a great new solution for people who have developed a certain affinity to listening to radio. With the satellite technology, people will no longer have to spend time fiddling on the radio dials and resolutely avoiding the pesky commercials that have grown to be quite annoying rather than amusing. This is because satellite radio offers uninterrupted music streaming, which means you would no longer contend with commercials anymore. What is more remarkable is the fact that by subscribing to a satellite radio programming, you will no longer encounter static if you are traveling to a remote area that has no service coverage.

This is certainly too good to be true. That is why aside from private individuals, more and more public transports have incorporated their services. The very first ones are the airline companies such as AirTran Airways and JetBlue Airways. However, nowadays you can come across car rentals with satellite radio features, too. XM, one of the three leading satellite radio providers in the United States have made alliances with Vanguard Car Rental USA, Inc., which is one of the biggest car rental service companies today. They currently own National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car offering clients car rentals with satellite radio features with no additional charges. The car rental giant, Hertz is also under negotiations with Sirius, another satellite radio provider to equipped most of the car rentals with satellite radio capabilities. This is certainly a big marketing scheme for car rental companies in their efforts to try to outdo their competitors by providing additional services and features with little or no extra charge at all.

Aside from car rentals with satellite radio features, many leading car manufacturing companies are also incorporating the said feature in some of their latest car models. XM has secured an exclusive contract with General Motors, while Sirius who would certainly not one to be left behind has secure investors from Ford and Chrysler. They are also following the lead of car rentals with satellite radio features that are certainly benefiting from an increase in sales because of the additional satellite radio services they offer.

So if you are planning to rent a car anytime soon, especially if you are on a vacation or business trip, ask for car rentals with satellite radio capabilities. This would certainly give you a more pleasurable trip, with traffic and weather updates that will certainly come in handy if you are traveling in a foreign city, as an information provider and a travel companion.
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