Digital Satellite Radio

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Digital Satellite Radio - Changing The Way We Listen To Music

Gone were the days when you have to change channels when your radio's signal weakens and becomes distorted. When you thought your AM/FM radio would suffice, since you said to yourself, there wasn't any other alternative anyway. But then comes digital satellite radio technology, and many were hopeful on what it could bring and offer to the radio industry.

Then the comparison began: conventional AM/FM radio had a limited reach, while digital satellite radio could reach thousands of miles; conventional radio has some number of channels, while digital satellite radio has over a hundred channels; conventional radio has a lot of commercials, while satellite radio has none - and so many were intrigued, but then further on - conventional radio comes free, while digital satellite radio comes with a fee. So many have thought, would this digital satellite radio actually become a hit?

The issue basically then was whether people would be willing to spend money for this new service when there are music & some audio programming that were offered free by the AM/FM radio? Perhaps the best answer to that would be by the number of people who have subscribed to the digital satellite radio service now. Many are indeed willing to spend some amount per month just to listen to more quality radio programming that had no commercial interruptions, thereby enabling one to fully enjoy music or whatever programming of one's taste.

Perhaps those who have doubted before are already subscribers today - as digital satellite radio is increasingly becoming a favorite by many - and it has a progressively solid following. Two that have fought competitively for getting the larger market share in US is XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

A lot of promotions and advertising has been done by each company to lure more customers on their side. Check out XM Radio Satellite ( and SIRIUS Radio Satellite ( to see more details of their current promotions. On their website, you will be able to see as well their satellite radio receivers and accessories that you may want to have as your unit. One will also be able to see there the satellite internet radio service of each company - XM Radio Online and SIRIUS Internet Radio.

Digital satellite radio offers the consumers not only the usual programming of music, concerts sports, news, entertainment, talk radio and the like - each has also been coming up with unique content for their specific original programming. These original programming would help in setting themselves apart from each other. With all these, digital satellite radio seems to be able to offer more towards a satisfying radio listening experience.

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