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Invest in Canada Savings Bonds, a safe way to your future

Do you have so many plans yet you don't know if you can reach these goals? Is it because you don't know where and how to start building your wealth with the minimal funds you have right now? Are you dying to go on a family trip abroad, or renovating your house, or buying a new house, or college education of your kids, or a wedding, or an anniversary, or even your retirement? Well, these definitely calls for a careful planning. That's where the Canada Savings Bonds come in.

These are safe investments, guaranteed by the Canadian government as they are the issuers of the bonds, for all Canada residents. It's a very good and smart way to save for your future financial goals, because it gives you flexibility --- regular interest planning or compound interest planning, and security --- minimum interest rates that will increase if the market conditions improve, yet it will not decrease from what's originally posted at the start of the period. Unlike other investments, Canada savings bonds are not locked-in for a particular term, so one can redeem or cash-in anytime, if need be. The Canada savings bonds can only be purchased in Canadian currency, as stated in the terms and conditions by Canada's Minister of Finance. Like most other bonds, it can be registered under a sole account - personal account or joint account - two or more individuals but may specify if everything must go to the surviving co-owner upon the death of the other account holder, under a sole proprietorship, under a personal trust, under a charitable organization or foundation, or under a Canadian Income Tax Act trust plans. Canadian residents can only purchase a maximum amount of $500,000 principal per series. However, if the accountholders will decide to add new owners of the purchased Canadian savings bonds, then they'll only have to accomplish the prescribed forms to authorize such addition. If the existing bond owners may decide to transfer or assign new owners, they can only do so, following certain conditions stipulated in the terms and conditions.

One can opt to have the regular interest bonds or compound interest bonds for his Canadian savings bonds purchased. If he chooses to have it in a regular interest method, then he earns the interest based on the Minister of Finance's pre-determined rate; and this will credited to the owner on each annual anniversary until maturity or redemption. On the other hand, the compound interest bonds will earn on top of the simple interest, an interest pre-determined by the Minister of Finance. This is based on the annual anniversary interest earned by the individual. Unlike the regular interest bonds, the compound interest bonds will be credited to the account holders only upon redemption of the bonds.

For redemptions of Canada savings bonds, accountholders can redeem anytime as long as they bring proper identification to any authorized Canadian sales agent's office. However, there will be no interest given to Canada savings bonds, if redeemed within three months after issue date.

See, it's actually easy to start saving if you know how to do it and what to expect. It's just a matter of properly gearing your plans.

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