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Capitol Federal Savings - the pride of Kansas

Several thrift banks, savings and loans companies, local financial institutions, etc., have scattered all over America. One may wonder how each has survived despite the many economic crises, financial breakdowns, and political threats that crossed the country. Each state bear its 'banner bank' and each has its own responsibilities and commitments professed for all its clients. And one thing is clear with their objectives, they aim to offer the best service possible to all clients, and in return give value to the community and country.

Kansas is no different from the rest, this state has borne a strong and undefeatable institution --- the Capitol Federal Savings, which stood for over a century, and still continues to give good service to clients. With more than 100 years in the financial industry, it has survived the ups and downs of the business, it strived throughout the years of Depression and War, it weathered all the storms that came across their way. Capitol Federal Savings didn't just climb to the top without the efforts of its tough officers and staff, without its loyal clients, and without its clear and focused goals. Decade after decade, it has expanded from a thousand dollar association to a million dollar institution to a billion dollar bank, yet it has remained steadfast in its commitment and service to give the Americans their dream homes.

As fifteen men of diverse background --- bankers, insurance agents, attorneys, railroad employees, dry goods store president, school superintendent, and physician --- gathered for the first time to start a savings and loan association for the citizens of Topeka, Kansas, they haven't yet realized that their plan would work and would go a long way. Capitol Federal Savings started small but has grown to be one of the strongest and most reliable thrift and savings bank in the state and in the country. From 16 September 1893 at its first branch in Topeka, Kansas, it has branched out to a prosperous present, with 37 branches mostly located in Kansas, and some in other states.

Capitol Federal Savings didn't actually have a smooth ride, it faced several battles because of the ever-changing times, economic and political events, and financial rollercoaster, but what makes it different from those institutions which have lost and left is that it never wavered its focus on its main purpose --- 'performing sound financial practices and providing safe True Blue service for the customers'.
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