Saw Palmetto and Acne II

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Saw Palmetto and Acne Treated with the Herb

Saw palmetto may be considered as an option to treating acne. No formal evidence or medical studies have been conducted though to prove such claims. Its use has been entirely based on the theory by which saw palmetto is believed to operate in one's body.

Saw Palmetto and Acne - Is this heard of before?

Saw palmetto has been taken by some individuals for the purpose of remedying acne. Relying entirely on saw palmetto's inhibiting action towards the enzyme 5-alpha reductase in converting testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a more potent form - many have taken saw palmetto together with other vitamins and minerals to help fight acne.

Saw palmetto and acne may indeed find its place together - along with zinc, pygeum, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, milk thistle, essential fatty acids, etc - in combination with healthy lifestyle practices. Acne treatment requires a more comprehensive approach to effectively address it.

Taking saw palmetto and acne treated with such medication are approaches considered by some who are always looking for more ways to find a cure. In line with one's goal to get rid of acne, is the necessity of providing the body with sufficient water that can also aid in detoxification.

Detoxification process allows your body to get rid of toxins that may have been stored in your body for years. Together with drinking lots of water would also include eating fiber rich food. This will be a good combination in flushing out toxins. Getting the toxins out would also mean increased metabolism, vibrant energy and clearer skin - thereby aiding in fighting acne.

Flax seed oil, milk thistle, saw palmetto and acne addressed directly or indirectly with their medical effects - are worthy of consideration. Milk thistle is considered to purify the liver - and working with the other herbs for aiding acne treatment is surely one way to go.

Exercise makes one sweat. It increases blood circulation. With such activity, the excretion of waste is hastened. Toxins are given a way to get out of one's system. This would be of help as well.

Vitamins, minerals, fiber-rich food, exercise, lots of water, other herbs, saw palmetto and acne given due treatment with these tends to be a successful approach that one can make use of. Acne is definitely a problem that one intends to find an effective treatment of - with such a potent approach, one may be in the right way to treating acne, or to the very least keeping it under control.
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