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Oahu scuba diving---an adventure like no other

Tourists, beach lovers, honeymooners, and vacationers never fail to visit and take a side trip to Hawaii, as this is a place definitely of a different world. And most of its visitors are looking forward to be one with the Pacific waters---either by snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, wind-sea surfing, cruising, and scuba diving.

But if you're one of those daring and more adventurous souls, then, definitely, you're going to enter Hawaii and its waters because you want diversity and challenge. And if you're one of them, then, you're definitely going to love the Oahu scuba diving escapades. There's actually so many places in Hawaii where you can enjoy scuba diving, but you've got to try Oahu. Travel its land under the sea, and you'll know why it's different. Oahu scuba diving will make your Hawaiian vacation a splendid one.

Different sides on Oahu scuba diving

Because of the wonders under the waters surrounding this island, there are four major sides to group these dive sites, for easy reference.

We have the Oahu East Side, and there are several sites belonging to this side. There's the Corsair Wreck and China Wall Drift, which is one of the deepest wrecks on the area, this is where a sunken WW II plane is found; the Baby Barge and Fantasy Reef, which is where the Baby Barge lies peacefully and shelters sea green turtles, sharks, etc.; Angler's Reef and Koko Craters, where circular ledges lie to house reef fishes and other animals; Palea Point and Witches Brew Drift, which is a rare site to dive to but once the 'Kona' winds blow, these deep and beautiful coral formations is an absolute treat; LST wreck and Tire Reed Drift followed by Sea Cove, where the LST vessel lies upside down and the black coral holds schools of fish.

On the Oahu West Side, a couple of interesting dive sites can be explored, too. There's Mahi Wreck and Makaha Caverns, where the Mahi minelayer was sunk in 1986 and has become the home of the rays and turtles; Black Rock and Land of Oz, where reef sharks and turtles rest under this overhang; Airplane and Kea'au corners, where an airplane lies and fishes and eels like to stay; and Kaena Point and Outside Makua, which is rarely dove because of its remoteness but sharks, rays, mantas and rare Hawaiian creatures abound.

On the Oahu Town Side, three sites can be navigated here and this is an ideal place for divers. There's YO-257 and San Pedro wrecks and Kewalo Pipe, where two wrecks lie side by side; Sea Tiger Wreck and Turtle Canyons, which is the deepest in Hawaii for wreck diving; and 100ft Hole and Kingman's Reef, which is fairly small and can only accommodate a few divers but the rock and coral formations are awesome.

On the Oahu North Shore, you can visit four sites. This includes Haleiwa Wall and Turtle Cleaning Station, where turtles float and wait for the fishes to munch the algae on their backs; the Shark's Cove, which is best for shore diving and really convenient; Three Tables, which features a beautiful swim through; and The Trench, which has rock formations, muddy bottoms and caverns.

Truly, Oahu scuba diving is a fantastic getaway from this world. It's no wonder Oahu scuba diving will fulfill one's desire to live under the sea.
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