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Aikido with Seattle Masters

Joints creak and muscles ache. That's often the condition business professionals suffer when working 8 hours a day. Due to inactive limbs and muscles for the majority of the 8 hour period, standing up sometimes surprises us as it suddenly becomes a bit of an effort -especially bending over. What's more, flesh starts to flab, muscles weaken and now, biceps aren't that threatening as it was 5 years ago. You are weakening. And so am I.

My answer is to have an exercise regimen, but nope, it's nothing sort of the gym. Weights are too tiring and too monotonous; it's so easy to skip since there's no interest that'll make you return. What I want is self defense that doubles as a thorough exercise regimen for my mobility, balance, and of course muscle toning. That's why I'm off for Aikido with Seattle masters. Are you with me?

Aikido Kokikai Seattle
6615 Dayton Ave. North Seattle, WA 98103
Call: 206-789-9511

Sensei Jonathan Bannister is the coordinator the Aikido Kokikai Seattle, one of the largest aikido dojo in Seattle. He had studied under several prominent Aikido masters including Sensei Dave Nachman, Sensei Roni Burrows, and Sensei Shuji Maruyama. Sensei Jonathan Bannister had started studying aikido when he was 18 at 1979. Promoted to Godan in 2002 at the age of 45, Sensei Jonathan Bannister is now considered among the greatest masters of Aikido in the east coast.

The basics offered at Aikido Kokikai Seattle covers all fundamentals needed for the path to Aikido mastery. Meditation techniques, which are highly recommended relaxing exercises, are taught alongside the basics of the course.

Tenzan Aikido
Seattle Holistic Center
7700 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103
Call: 206-525-9035

Bruce Bookman studied under Yoshimitsu Yamada, and later practiced under Kisshomaru Ueshiba. After that, Sensei T.K. Chiba (a very close disciple of Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido) taught aikido to Bruce Bookman for 16 years.

Today, 6th Dan Bruce Bookman presides over the operation at the Tenzan Aikido Club at Seattle Holistic Center which is also an organization founded by Bookman Sensei and Colette Crawford to offer several programs that encourage individual development.

The art of Aikido is long treasured for its 'enlightening' aspects as well as its promotion towards sense of balance. Engaging in aikido limbers muscles and bones with its fluid movements and heightens one's sense of quick judgment. Most of all is the indispensable meditation skill that it help promotes. There are several reasons why ancient martial arts have somehow prevailed over the years against the tide of newer arts. And the least of them is its facility for becoming such a good exercise regimen to maintain even at old age. Feeling miserably weak? Do some aikido with Seattle masters.
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