Bite of Seattle

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Bite of Seattle

In Seattle downtown alone boasts of a hundred big name restaurants that showcase their several world renowned entrees. And still we have those small family owned eateries over places like Pike Place Market or those that line Queen Anne Hill, small scale cafés and bistros that stands their own with several of their unique delectables. So, how are these people that come and go over Seattle enjoy the diverse tastes only unique in Seattle? -By 'Bite of Seattle' of course.

The Bite of Seattle is an annual food festival held in July for three days and it takes place on Seattle Center. At the festival, the opportunity to taste the differences of cuisine by nationalities is evident. Try the Lechon, which is a national pride of the Filipinos. How about a serving of Mexico's Guacamole? Have you tried the elusive Chili Con Queso? Or maybe the Indian delicacy Chicken Tikka Masala will prove to be your liking?

Of course, you can still have some of the 'old' regulars. Sausages, pizzas, frankfurters by the dozen are still among the options.

There are also myriad forms of entertainment while you fill your gullets to bursting. Street acts, propped up stages for a number of bands that play music from rock, alternative to jazz. After all, several of the legendary music personalities like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain are Seattleites. Looking for a way to laugh youself to hunger? Head over to the Fish Pavilion Building and visit the Comedy Club presented by 96.5 K-ROCK.

It seems Alan Silverman have a revelation about this one. But in any way, Bite of Seattle was a highly successful annual event. While it only attracts 75,000 participants during its inception in 1982 with 25 restaurants showcasing good food, exceeding 450,000 gourmands now participate on the annual event with 60 host restaurants. That made its transition from Greenlake to Seattle Center necessary. Three and a half miles of gas pipes are laid specifically for the Bite of Seattle cooking, with 15 miles of electric cable to be used on host restaurant's stalls. An approximate of 2,000 gallons of hot water and 175000 pounds of ice are made ready so that an average of 12,000 gallons of soda can be dispensed together with around 365 kegs of beer. Suffice to say, Bite of Seattle is a worldwide event where 450,000 or more participants are welcomed with good food, unlimited drinks and loads of loads of fun.

If you find yourself in Seattle in the midst of the year (that is on July), never bypass this gourmand event. It's rarer to taste most of the food presented during the three day festival and rarer still to have a collection of festive entertainment mixed in.
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