Getting To Know Seattle

Getting To Know Seattle

Do you like to live in a place where it rains nine months in a year? In Seattle, it doesn't really mean that rain pours nonstop for the whole nine months. Sometimes, they can go for several days and weeks without rain. However, it basically is the most famous 'feature' of the city which earned it the nickname - 'the rainy city'.

It does not really rain in Seattle as often as it does in Chicago or New York. However, the reason people complain about the weather is because those who live in Seattle rarely gets to see the sun. Unlike in other places, the rain here is usually a light or a fine mist. But if in most places the sun comes out after the rain, in Seattle, it rarely does. The sky stays gloomy, leaving a damp and cool weather.

For people who like to spend less time with the sun, Seattle is a good place to settle in. But for those who fancy hot and humid conditions, they would be better off finding another place. Seattle can go for as long as 90 days straight without the appearance of the sun. While it's great for the skin, not all people find this very appealing and some actually find this rather depressing. A good weather is generally based on personal preferences. What some individuals consider as good may not be what others think it to be. Just as some people are affected by overcast skies than others are.

The sun does give Seattle a visit in certain parts of the year. The long-term dark skies make people look forward to summer more. Never has summer been more appreciated than in Seattle. This is the time when the sun brings in warm and dry days, and short, cool nights. Late July and early August are the driest parts of the year and can even extend up to fall. October 1st marks the start of the rainy season in Seattle. However, winter is considered as the wettest time of the year.

Seattle residents seem oblivious to the rain or on how often it comes. Sometimes rain occurs for as long as thirty days nonstop. But life goes on for them and everyone appears to have found ways to make it work for them. The rain in other places is harsher in terms of quantity. The only reason it is a big thing in Seattle is because it happens more consistently than in those places. But when you have come to terms with the inevitable, it won't be such a bad thing at all. And just like Seattle's residents, you will have more reasons to look forward to the warm sunny days.
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