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Guitar Lessons in Seattle

While the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain may not be the personality any mother should be recommending to her son and feel comfortable, it is beyond doubt that aiming for the guitar virtuousness of these legendary performers is indeed aiming high. Jimi Hendrix is the most influential guitarist in rock music and Kurt Cobain is praised as one of the most brilliant songwriters in rock music. Both of them spent their formative years in Seattle and their legacy over Seattle still rings strong and true.

Since then, the streets of Seattle have been producing remarkable talents that became known even on the farthest reaches of the globe. Pearl Jam who is also credited for the promulgation of grunge, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, as well as others from other genre of music. What made Seattle especially keen in producing the best talents in guitar history? A chance of fate, maybe?

While following on these footsteps might require more than just luck, you can start your journey down that road by taking guitar lessons in Seattle. Most of the virtuoso Seattle guitar teachers here know of that pride Seattle has for its guitar legacy and suffice to say, they uphold that legacy by being the best guitar instructors there is. Learn the guitar. Have your guitar lessons in Seattle.

Seattle Guitar Teacher
Call: 206-282-5990

True to the tradition of music's greatest influences, Pascal Louvel encourages everyone to try learning the guitar with him. For more than 20 years, Pascal has been playing, composing, performing, and recording with the guitar. Now he shares his knowledge to everyone regardless of the skill and proficiency level.

Heartwood Guitar Instruction
Call: 206-799-6415

At a glance, you can say Rob Hampton's philosophy of guitar is more inclined on teaching than on directly performing. He knows this, that's why he is one of the best guitar teachers in Seattle. He argues that guitar should be fun, for one -and rightly so. That's why for first timers, Rob Hampton's main objective is to make them 'feel' guitar playing is for them. Trust him to make learning procedures livelier and more productive.

Steve Delgado

Steve Delgado loves playing guitar to a point of passion. That's why even if his road leads him away from the music profession, he still engages in his guitar trade. That makes him one of the best teachers in Seattle, and the most informal one. You can as readily walk up to him and hand him a lick or a CD for him to hear and right then and there he'll teach you how to play it. That's why he charges by the hour -$35. Need any hot licks revealed? Come over his place at Renton and pay the minimum $20 half hour.
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