Lodgings in Seattle

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Why Lodgings in Seattle are Higher

Aside from making Mayor Greg Nickels smile, Seattle's high tech revolution opened so many doors. It opened more doors for commerce. Such as when Microosoft rooted over downtown Redmond, it unofficially signaled smaller software technology companies to follow suit. Like Entellium, DocuSign, Attenex and Sunstream, these companies have flourished when Microsoft arrived in the arena. It seems Seattle is staying true to the old adage: Build it and they will come.

As a direct result, the increased commercial activity opened a steady stream of migrating workers over the area; young professionals, mostly. These professional have salary brackets way above the median, such that the percentage of nouveau riche existence are way higher in Seattle than in other states. And it made lodgings in Seattle priced higher.

Why? More people are staying over Seattle indefinitely. Whether long term renting or selling, Seattle real estate agents saw the frantic exchange of deeds and contracts. As more migrant workers sought to purchase or rent properties the list of properties gets shorter -and prices gets higher.

Are you among the crowd headed over Seattle? Though there's no way you could escape the law of demand, you can still have the best bang of your buck by wise dealings. Look for the best estate dealers over Seattle, those that actually live there; not those that only got the information from Seattle sources. Here are some dealers I know that can get you a healthy selection for lodgings in Seattle.

Prudential Financial is a known brand, because it encompasses the strict business ethic that should be modeled by other financing institutions. Kathy Clark from Prudential MacPherson can provide her clients the best comprehensive real estate solutions, whether you are buying, selling, or investing.

Kathy Clark
Prudential MacPherson
Phone: 425-218-5999
Fax: 425-774-1066
Email: realtorkathyclark@msn.com

Move™ is another noteworthy Seattle real estate agent. Knowing that it is ruled by a body that functions under the National Association of REALTORS® should be a couse for security. REALTOR.com® is Move™'s answer to anyone seeking lodgings in Seattle over the internet. Why not visit REALTOR.com® now?

Move™/ REALTOR.com®
Website: www.realtor.com
30700 Russell Ranch Road Westlake Village, CA. 91362
Phone: 805-557-2300
Fax: 805-557-2680

If you are seeking something fancy and in the midst of downtown, then I can suggest The Cobb. While The Cobb is a high profile establishment, it is really worth its price; especially if it is located conveniently downtown (opposite from the street is Rainier Square). A few blocks away sit Benaroya Hall that houses the world renowned Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

The Cobb
For leasing information, call 206-628-5090

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