Fedex Shipping Services

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Fedex Shipping Services

One of the most popular highly regarded shipping services carrier in the United States today is Fedex, having been in the industry for several years now. Although relatively new in the industry in comparison to its close competitors, it had steadily gained an unimpeachable reputation through the years.

Shipping services is but only one of its numerous assistance that Fedex provide internationally, within its 8 years of operations it developed quite an impressive portfolio of different businesses that are somehow interrelated. In the year 2000, Fedex gave free rein of its services and made it available worldwide through strategic acquisitions and repositioning. Since then the Fedex brand have been known to provide efficient and reliable assistance, most especially in providing above par shipping services.

Although Fedex is more popular in air cargo, it is uncompromisingly competing with UPS by its recent acquisition of Kinko's Inc. For several years, Fedex have maintained tight working relations with Kinko's, offering shipping services through Kinko's 134 establishments. With this calculated alliance, Fedex hopes to significantly increase their presence in the global shipping services industry. With this merge, Fedex will be able to expand their operations to over 2,000 shipping centers in key cities around the globe in addition to the existing 6, 200 autonomously owned and operated authorized ship centers by Fedex. This will undoubtedly give the company a wider coverage and larger distribution channels.

Still, Fedex is not the company who would contentedly rest on its laurels, since they are fully aware that they cannot afford to be complacent. There are several highly bloodthirsty rivals out there who are just waiting for the right opportunity.

Today, Fedex is focusing most of its marketing efforts on the expansion of their shipping services and air cargo services in the Asian region. With the availability of the integrated Fedex module, people anywhere in the world can easily generate the rates of shipments depending on the port of origin and its destination, also the weight of the parcel with also be part of its calculations. Through Internet access, individuals will be provided with an accurate real time estimate of the shipping rates of their packages. Aside from this, Fedex have hundreds of customer service staff that is easily accessible to provide assistance and answer inquiries from clients. By offering the loyal patrons specialized options and impeccable service, it is no wonder Fedex have a firm grip on this position on the top ranks.
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