Skiing in Spain

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Places to Go Skiing in Spain

For most people, skiing in Spain probably sounds odd mostly because people often associate the country with days in the sun and not so much with winter or snow. For those who want to go skiing in Spain, you will find excellent ski resorts there with Spain being the country in Europe with the most mountains next to Switzerland.

Spain has close to1, 000 kilometers of marked ski trails to satisfy skiers of all levels. If you are skiing in Spain, you can choose from over 30 ski resorts, half of which have received awards for their excellent quality tourism facilities and services.

The Pyrenees in the north border boasts of elite ski resorts. Sierra Nevada, which lies in the southern part of Spain, is another popular skiing destination. Sierra Nevada has the longest winter season in the country and people can enjoy 5 months of snow.

Skiers who are looking for ski resorts near the city will find many close to Barcelona and Madrid. Ski trails just outside of Madrid are just a short ride less than an hour by car, bus or public transportation from the city. There is also an indoor slope in the Xanadu shopping mall, which is in the southwestern part of Madrid that is good for beginners.

There are six main regions for skiing in Spain, which are Aragon, the Cantabrian Mountains, Catalonian Pyrenees, Iberian Mountains, Central Mountains, and Penibetic Mountains.

Those who would like to try skiing in Spain but do not have the essential skiing gears can easily rent equipment from resorts. You can also learn or practice skiing in Spain with plenty of skiing schools for beginners and advanced skiers.

Finding a resort and planning your skiing vacation is no longer a problem these days as most of these facilities have websites that you can easily check. However, to get started you may want to go to directory websites or those that list ski resorts per region. These websites offer quick information about all ski resorts including reviews as well as piste maps and snow reports.

Some sites have webcams updated daily so you can view up-to-date snow conditions in a particular resort. Be sure to check out accommodation deals and ski vacation packages so you can save money while having fun skiing in Spain. Alternatively, look for skiing in Spain tour operators that can arrange ski trips for you to resorts in the area.
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