Alaska Sky Diving

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Conquering the Last Frontier by Alaska Sky Diving

Unconquered frontier is always a subject of passion, of romanticism, of a silent awe to nature's sublimity. That's why for sky divers, nothing could be more encompassing and awe inspiring than gazing at the untamed lands while Alaska sky diving.

Alaska sky diving truly offers more compared to what conventional urban sky diving offers: a view of something that's majestic. If you are one to has become jaded over having hundreds of jump, try Alaska sky diving.

Sky diving is not all about the freefall, the adrenaline and the wind rush, and the freedom while in the air. It's also about seeing the world on an eye view normally isn't afforded to man. Yes, Alaska is a land that is magnificently encompassing up close, but wait till you see it up above while Alaska sky diving.

Cordova Alaska
Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc.
Phone: 1-877-787-6784

Chugach Mountains is Alaska's most expansive mountain range perpetually blanketed in soft velvety snow. A few other lands in Alaska are as untainted as the Chugach Mountains. For Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc. operating at Cordova Alaska, they offer as a special pride an Alaska sky diving with the Chugach Mountains as a backdrop. That also includes views of the endless Pacific Ocean and the definite cleft of the Prince William Sound. At 10,000ft, you will begin to understand how passion for Alaska sky diving is well founded.

Alaska Skydiving Center
H.C. 31 Box 5120 Wasilla, AK, Alaska 99654
Phone: 888-373-3699
Fax: 907-373-3669
Find this listing at:

Arrange your Alaska sky diving directly with a drop zone at Alaska Skydiving Center. That is minus the agent fees that make any Alaska sky diving an expensive venture. In fact, it is always best to avoid agents because they always price packages higher than what the drop zone normally charges. So enjoy the mountain bound glaciers and snow capped peaks without busting out your credit card.

A word of warning though. Be aware that many have been duped into paying more because of corrupt agents. While these Alaska sky diving sites may be agents themselves, always refer to other sites for price comparison. Better yet, ask for the prices offered directly at the local drop zone.

Here are some Alaska sky diving drop zones who aren't listed on the internet.

Adventure Aviation
Mile 2 Fairview Loop Wasilla, AK
Call them at: 1-907-373-3699
Tundra Tandems
4140 Owl Dr Fairbanks, AK 99701
Call them at: 1-907-479-9453

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