Lake Elsinore Sky Diving

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Lake Elsinore Sky Diving

Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County, is a city that sits on a lake sharing the same name. And while Lake Elsinore is becoming a somewhat popular city sharing the same extent of fame (or controversy) as Roswell, Lake Elsinore also offers, among UFOs, lake monsters and mass reincarnations, a better sky diving spot west of the United states.

Owing it large to the Lake Elsinore, being in California, and large estate properties like Aimee's Castle overlooking the lake, Lake Elsinore sky diving has so much to offer at least in aerial views. And the south portion of the lake has been a vacant tract of soft land, reserved for the lake to expand and retreat during the change of the tide; it also offers a better soft earth drop zone.

Being in California also allows it to be readily accessible, which is important to health conscious Californians, making Lake Elsinore sky diving as accessible as any outdoor weekend sport. So if you are in California and within a few hours ride for Lake Elsinore, you might have another reason to visit Lake Elsinore than rumors of UFO landings and 'Nessie' sightings.

Skydive Elsinore
20701 Cereal Street, Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530
Call: 1877 THE JUMP

Skydive Elsinore makes Lake Elsinore sky diving as everyday as possible. Don't take it a bad thing though, because with Skydive Elsinore only an hour away to major Californian metropolises, anyone can plan for a sky diving event without the hassle of preplanning. So a thought occurred to you at a moment? Wear your jumpsuit, gather your equipment and head for Skydive Elsinore. No booking hassles are necessary.

Jim Wallace Skydiving
2091 Goetz Rd. Perris, CA 92501
Call: 951-657-9975 or Call Toll Free: 1-800-795-3483
Fax: 951-657-2685

Jim Wallace is a sky diving veteran for many years, and that is speaking subtly. Jim Wallace and his sky diving team has appeared doing stunts on aerial acrobatics on dozens of TV shows, commercials, and movies. Miller, Levi's, Campbell's Air Delivery Pizza, are among the commercials his teams has taken part. Terminal Velocity, Point Break, Navy Seals, the Hotshots movie series and even the more recent box office hit Air Force One. Having accumulated these acclaims among several others should explain how skilled he is in the sky diving trade.

Having Jim Wallace and his team arrange your Lake Elsinore sky diving couldn't get anymore ideal: a proficient tutor plus an excellent drop zone an hour away to the city.
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