Costa Rica Snorkeling

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Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Regardless of the fact that this South American country was the first in the world to constitutionally abolish its army, Costa Rica contains 5% of the world's biodiversity. They may not have a military but what an abundance of wildlife. It has been said that their soldiers are the leaf cutter ants, pilots are the macaws and navy ships are the whales.

One of the activities that the country boasts to its tourists is snorkeling in Costa Rica. Its underwater wonders range from coastal coral reefs to offshore islands. They have varied spots that contain diverse beautiful marine life that includes huge manta rays, timid sea turtles, bright angel fish, psychedelic sea slugs, thorny puffer fish, fragile sea fans and a lot more.

With an average water temperature of 75- 82 degrees, between the middle of January and April, those who are interested to go snorkeling in Costa Rica will grasp the true meaning of tropical living. With over 25 sites for any sea getaway, most within a 10- 40 minute boat ride, you will surely want to go back to have a taste of it once again.

* Cahuita
On the temperate eastern coast, Cahuita provides one of the best sites for snorkeling in Costa Rica. With just a small boat, you can reach the giant barrier reefs of Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and Cahuita National Park. The expected visibility is up to 150 feet while the warm waters off the Caribbean side is nearly always over 80 degees.

* Isla Del Cano
Located at the southern Pacific, Isla del Cano offers an excellent view of exotic fishes with a visibility of 60- 80 feet on most days. From the Drake Bay, you can enjoy snorkeling in Costa Rica through a small vessel. The surrounding plateaus and canyons are not as steep compared as that in the north.

* Curu
Cruising from the Montezuma beach, you will be taken to the charming coastline of Bahia Ballena. You will get to see breathtaking cliffs and ancient caves. As you are on your way to Curu, you might even spot dolphins and whales on the sides. The Banana Express is an ideal site for snorkeling in Costa Rica. It is a sunken steamer where you can watch eels, triggerfish, manta rays and many more that will interestingly play with you.

* Isla del Coco
For the ultimate feel of snorkeling in Costa Rica, the Coco Islands remains to be the top choice for serious underwater quest. It will make an eight to ten hour trip from Guanacaste to Coco whose steep rock- walls and canyons provide shelter to an awesome diversity of sea life. The currents can be heavy with a visibility of 60- 100 feet.

* Cabuya
A rare attraction can be spotted in Cabuya where there is a small cemetery a few hundred meters off the coast. When it is low tide, you will surely enjoy just walking the islands over the rocks to come across that peaceful atmosphere with views of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. The reef on the extreme top is such a real treat for snorkeling in Costa Rica. Without even any gears, the colorful sea creatures can be clearly seen trapped in the rocky tide pools.
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