Santa Catalina Snorkeling

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Snorkeling in Santa Catalina

So you are dreaming of becoming like Ariel who swam with suave side by side stuffed Flounder and crabby Sebastian? Maybe you forgot that she was not entirely a human being, that she was only a half- fish who had the ability to breathe underwater with no amount of gadgets whatsoever. Of course, the Little Mermaid was only a fictional classic story but it has never failed to capture hearts even up to now.

Gloomy be no more because you can still have all the chance to enjoy the presence of those bright sea creatures as you go snorkeling in Santa Catalina.

The island of Santa Catalina is 194 square kilometers wide, located 22 miles southwest of San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. It is the only one of the Channel Islands chain that has a permanent civilian settlement and urbanization. As of the 2000 census, about 3, 696 residents live in the resort city of Avalon.

You will surely have a grand time snorkeling in Santa Catalina because it has the abundance of its fauna wildlife. Rare fishes such as the garibaldi, blacksmiths, opal eyes and many more can be found in its waters. Dolphins may just even swim up to meet you and catch the sea lions sun themselves on the rocky coast.

The Casino Point will surely be a favorite for whoever will go snorkeling in Santa Catalina. One woman who was just caught stripping her wetsuit said, 'If you want to dive, go grab your equipment and jump right in.' That is how captivating the place is, no amount of words because the experience is simply breathtaking, especially for those will have their first visit.
It is also a must to explore the Willow Cove, Long Point, Goat Harbor, Rippers Cover, Blue Caverns, Two Harbors, Emerald Bay and Bat Cave. They are secluded and pristine beach villages that you personally want to see.

There is also the Lover's Cove and Descanso Beach which are excellent spots for snorkeling in Santa Catalina. Both have protected marine preserves where spear fishing is not allowed. Those glass bottom boats will cruise there and feed the tame water animals.

Snorkeling in Santa Catalina will always be a fancy activity, especially in the summer where the weather will complement with the excursionists' plans. There are plenty of shops where you can easily rent any gear you will need. They are just a phone call away, so copy the numbers below for your future reservations.

* Catalina Diving Shop at 1-877-SNORKEL or 1-87-SCUBA-DIVE
* Catalina Diver's Supply and Dive Shop at 310-510-0330
* Catalina Scuba Luv at 800-262-DIVE
* Catalina Snorkel and Scuba Adventures at 1-877-SNORKEL
* Descanson Beach Ocean Sports at 310-510-1226
* Catalina Kayak Adventures at 310-510-2229
* Catalina West End Dive Center at 310-510-4272

Underwater cliffs, kelp forests and various ship- wrecks will also unfold right before your very eyes. You may never be Ariel who was with Flounder and Sebastian but you can just imagine what a wet escapade it would be.

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