ATA Sparring Gear

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ATA Sparring Gear

The American Taekwondo Association, also known as ATA, is in the first place the premier North American Organization that has been dedicated to the martial arts discipline of taekwondo. This is also the main body responsible for the founding of the other international affiliates, including the World Traditional Taekwondo Union (WTTU), as well as the Songahm Taekwondo Federation (STF).

Being one of the premier martial arts organizations in the world, the ATA strongly adheres to its commitment of providing martial arts students with the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a secure, safe and positive learning environment that each and every student of every age and gender can enjoy. With this main aim, it's no wonder that the ATA now provides professional martial arts instructors who will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your individual goals, be it for self-defense, self-confidence, fitness, or mental discipline.

Aside from providing the best martial arts instructions with the learned martial arts instructors, ATA also provide the best in quality ATA sparring gears and martial arts equipments and accessories. All of their ATA sparring gears are noted for their durability and flexibility, as well as for its great style and fit. Included in the list of ATA sparring gears are the following:

* Headgears - The headgears of ATA are made of high quality inch foam and are said to be the industry standard. It features ear release canals and the foam generally provides protection for the top, back and sides of the head and the forehead.

* Shin Guards - The ATA sparring gear section also includes shin guards that are made of power vinyl. These items are shock absorbing, featuring elastic straps for easy removal. It also provides vital protection, allowing the participant to engage in even longer ATA sparring sessions. What's more, the shin guards of ATA cover area from above the ankle to top of the shin and are said to be great for padding the injured and sensitive areas of the body.

* Cloth Pads - The cloth pads featured under the ATA sparring gear section of the American Taekwondo Association come in different style and fit. There are cloth ATA sparring gears for the forearm, elbow, knee, and shin, and all of these products are noted for their extra shock absorption. They are made of washable cloth fabric and offer a tighte fit for minimal shifting and higher level of comfort.

* Punches - These ATA sparring gears of top quality are also offered by ATA for your ultimate sparring experience. The punches come in two types. The first are those that are made in power vinyl, and the other are those that are made in champ foam. All of these ATA sparring gear or punches, however, are industry standard featuring an open hand design for comfort.

* Kicks - Finally, the ATA sparring gear section includes sparring kicks that are great for kicking during exhibitions or tournaments. Just like the punches, the ATA sparring kicks come in two forms, the power vinyl kicks and the champ foam kicks. Both form offers coverage for top and side of ffot and ankle, with open bottom with strap across ball of foot.

Note that these ATA sparring gears now come in two different colors: black and red. They are available online at, so better check these products out.

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