KWON Chest Sparring Gear

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KWON Chest Sparring Gear

Martial arts, like sparring, is physically demanding. It is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death if not practiced properly. With this fact, it's no wonder then that one of the most important requirements in sparring is the use of proper sparring gear, particularly the chest guard or protector.

The chest sparring gear is now highly available in the market. It now comes in different styles with different brands, but one of the top rated and most purchased brand of chest guard is the KWON chest sparring gear.

The KWON chest sparring gear has long been noted as highly durable and comfortable. They fit securely on the body and provide good protection against the impact. Well, as far as I know, there are five major models of KWON chest sparring gear that are out in the market nowadays. These include the following:

KWON Korean Style Dou Hogu

The KWON Korean Style Dou Hogu is a reversible body protector featuring the classic quilted design of KWON. What makes this product special is that it is robust imitation leather outer with foam padding to provide good shock absorption. Aside from this, the KWON Korean Style Dou Hogu is pleasant to wear and many have even testified that this KWON chest sparring gear offers great freedom of movement with its anatomically shaped underarm and groin sections. For proper fit, this chest sparring gear has fasteners at the back and stitching of tapes and loops for additional reinforcement.

KWON Chest Shield

This KWON chest sparring gear is actually newly designed and has been developed to a real bestseller within just one year. According to its proponents, the KWON Chest Shield is a mix between a regular KWON chest sparring gear and a body shield. So it's no wonder that this product is as thick and as shock absorbing as our body shields. But, it can also be worn as a chest guard. Another great feature about this product is that the KWON Chest Shield is made for high impact training and was tested and approved by the Dutch and French Thai/Kick boxers. As what most sparring enthusiasts have claimed, this KWON chest sparring gear is perfect for partner training and it helps to improve or test your power kicking abilities without the inconvenience of holding a body shield in hand.

KWON Self Defense Duo

Another well-known KWON chest sparring gear is the so-called KWON Self Defense Duo, which is an outer material madder of robust imitation leather with foam padding providing maximum shock absorption. Many who have tried using this KWON chest sparring gear have said that this product is pleasant to wear and with great freedom of movement because of its anatomically shaped underarm and groin sections. Generally, this product looks like the reversible body protector, KWON Korean Style Dou Hogu.

KWON Black Line Body Protector

Here is another robust KWON chest sparring gear, the KWON Black Line Body Protector. This product actually has a vinyl front and heavy-duty canvas lining. It also has a rigid foam insert that provides excellent damping action, and it is anatomically shaped for maximum comfort. And, just like the other available KWON chest sparring gears, this too can be fastened with adjustable elastic straps as well as plastic snap closures.
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