Macho Sparring Gear

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Macho Sparring Gear

Have you heard about Macho sparring gear? Well, I bet almost all sparring enthusiasts out there are familiar with this name. Macho has in fact long been regarded one of the leading manufacturers of sparring gear and other martial arts equipments and accessories, and today the Macho sparring gear is highly valued for its safety and durability.

Speaking of safety, it is interesting to know that the word 'safety' was actually the reason that the founder of this world's leading brand, Macho, has made sparring gear in the first place. Macho highly valued safety of their Macho sparring gear and other equipments in order to keep the martial artists safe. This sort of business philosophy has been maintained by the company up to these days.

There are several varieties of Macho sparring gear. As far as I know, there are about 11 types of Macho sparring gear; all feature unique designs and are safe for use. Consider the following:

* Universal Face Shield - This product features an on or off design that fits all standard Macho foam headgear and most other brands. According to some reviews, this Macho sparring gear sits further away from face for more comfort, breathability, as well as clearer vision. It also has a patent-pending anti-fog shield, which was designed in order to meet the new rules of any sparring tournament that requires face protection.

* XP Shin - This is but a new concept in the line of Macho sparring gear. The item is actually a one-piece shin component that can be attached to any Macho kick for expanded coverage and protection to ankle and top of the foot. As what most reviews have revealed, this unique Macho sparring gear was inspired by Macho's SuperKick.

* Warrior - Of all the Macho sparring gear, this is by far the most well-known. What sets Warrior great actually is that it offers maximum protection. It has a double layer foam protection, giving the martial artists even more safety when sparring. Aside from that, the warrior headgears feature a patented ear release canals to protect your eardrums. So, if you were to get a blow to the head, the canal gives the air an escape route, protecting your hearing.

* Dyna Gear - The Dyna line is another top selling Macho sparring gear. This line is in fact considered as the number one in the industry as it gives serious martial artists with some tough gear. It is also this line that sets the industry standard for safety.

* Macho Rival - This macho sparring gear is actually the sister product to the company's best selling and most established sparring gear Dyna. This too meets the standard for safety and features most of the successful innovations in the field, including that patented ear release canals featured in Warrior.

* XP Series - The XP Series of Macho sparring gear, in the first place, stands for 'eXtra Protection'. This is but a new level of protection that was made possible by the XP's innovative technology and design, so it's no wonder that this product line is so unique among the others.

There are other excellent products included in the unique lines of Macho sparring gear. These include the chest protectors, cloth guards, sewn vinyl gears, ringstar shoes and shins, and the XP cloth guards. All of these products are now available in the market, even online, for orders.

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