Sunglasses and Technology

Sunglasses and Technology

You are probably fairly familiar with the basic science behind sunglasses. They filter out harmful light rays and protect your eyes from intense light. However, the technology behind sunglasses and creating new designs may have a few more tricks up its sleeves. Even in 2007, sunglasses are reaching new heights of science and creativity.

If you are a corrective lens wearer, you will love this feature for sunglasses. No one likes having to change out glasses every time they move from indoors to outdoors. Additionally, you have to worry about losing your sunglasses while you wear your prescriptions, or vice versa.

Photo Chromic lenses are typical prescription strength glasses while you are inside. However, when you step outside into the light, they morph into sunglasses. The technology of the Photo Chromic lens is as sensitive to light as your eyes are. Unlike your eyes, however, these sunglasses will adjust in accordance with the magnitude of light to provide the necessary protection.

Sunglasses with lenses that transform automatically from clear to dark may not be particularly brand new information to everyone. They have been on the market for several years, and have now been revolutionized yet again. New sunglasses currently in development will change not only from clear to dark but also to shades of yellow, green and purple.

Not only will the transition occur much faster with these sunglasses, but they will offer many more options as well. They will be able to improve visual contrast, as well as brightening low-light conditions. Unlike traditional color changing lenses, these sunglasses will be controllable by the wearer. A small dial on the arm can take you through a spectrum of shades and tints.

The lens material will be made from a plastic can change its color and transparency when the sunglasses receive an electrical charge. The lens contains a gel-like solution in between the layers that helps transport charged particles. A watch battery delivers the charge. When the electricity is transmitted, the molecules change from transparent to a variety of shades and tints in seconds or less and your glasses become your sunglasses!

Visual effects are not the only advances made for sunglasses in recent years. Many product developers are beginning to see the need to further integrate technology and communication into everyday life. For this reason, you can now purchase sunglasses that are also your mobile phone. Since the advent of the headset, it is a common need for one that does not get in the way of your sunglasses. This new phone turned eyewear is an obvious solution to the problem.

Another extremely popular tech toy today is the MP3 player. Long gone are the days of the Walkman or even the Discman. The computer age has taken over all facets of our existence, including the music we listen to. Few individuals today are without an MP3 player. Heaven forbid we are caught anywhere without ever song we own to keep us company!

Following the desperate need we have to be surrounded by our music, sunglasses have been developed to accommodate us. Sunglasses with built-in speakers can be plugged into your MP3 player in the same way your ear buds could. If this is not hi-tech enough for you, pick up a pair of sunglasses that actually ARE the MP3 player. Simply download your tunes onto your sunglasses and take off down the road.

Science is constantly changing and developing exciting new inventions. Twenty years ago you never would have believed someone if they told you that you may be listening to music on your sunglasses. New developments are happening all the time, so don't be left behind. Pay attention to see what they come up with next.

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