Business School In Switzerland

Business School In Switzerland

Switzerland is undeniably one of the richest countries in the world. It is also recognized as a financial power, setting trends in the banking system. And what helps the country live up to these titles is the quality of business education made available to the students.

There are several schools and universities offering business courses and degrees in the county. The most popular ones are International University in Geneva, International Institute for Management Development, Webster University, Business School Lausanne, University of Lausanne, and SBS Swiss Business School.

The International University in Geneva (IUG) is a famous business school in Switzerland. It was founded by Swiss businessmen in the year 1997, and was integrated as a private foundation of the country, which means that it does not operate for the purpose of gaining profit. This business school in Switzerland has only one campus located at the International Center Cointrin in Geneva.

The International University in Geneva is composed of around 250 students studying full-time. The student body, which represents more than 62 countries, is accepted by this business school in Switzerland without reference to their color, race, age, sex, religion, non-disqualifying disability, and national or ethnic roots.

The International University in Geneva is proud to say that children of some of the world's most famous politicians and businessmen have earned their education in this prestigious business school in Switzerland. Its small classes, composed only up to a maximum of thirty students each, create a personalized type of learning experience. Moreover, the university boasts of career counseling to its students all year-round.

Another world-famous business school in Switzerland is the International Institute for Management Development (IMD). Two former independent schools, IMI in Geneva, and IMEDE in Lausanne, were incorporated and came up with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in January of 1990.

'Real world' education is being emphasized in this business school in Switzerland. It has a 60-member faculty in 19 diverse nationalities, all of whom are working full time. Annually IMD receives over 5,500 executives belonging to more than 70 different nationalities in its open-enrollment programs. IMD is a business school in Switzerland which uses English as its main language. Right now, there are over 50,000 alumni spread throughout 140 countries, and over 40 alumni organizations all over the world.

Certainly, getting a degree in business in any business school in Switzerland is one of the best options. With the country's financial reputation, your education will most likely lead you to the kind of success that you have in mind.
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