The Benefits Of Alkaline Drinking Water

The Benefits Of Alkaline Drinking Water

What is Alkaline Water?
Its water basically, but the pH level is between 7.0 to 10.00, meaning it is less acidic than your basic tap water. It is also known as ionized water.

It is known to be a source of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Alkaline water is said to improve your health when consumed correctly. If not, it will cause a lot of damage to your body and lead to some severe health problems.

Some celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Miranda Kerr do drink it, but does it do any good to your body or is it all hype? You can get alkaline water from various sources such as faucet attachments; additives added to your standard water to raise the pH level and special filters. Or, you can go ahead and purchase a bottle for yourself that is available at most grocery stores near you.

There are a few benefits of drinking ionized water, but only when consumed correctly and the right amount. Alkaline water has some health benefits.

1.Minerals Present
Ionized water is an excellent source of various minerals like sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The health benefits from this water are due to the minerals that you gain from consuming the water. Minerals are crucial in our bodies, and alkaline water is a great way to keep your body healthy

2.Prevents development of Osteoporosis
Calcium which is essential for your bones means that alkaline water will help prevent you from getting osteoporosis. Your bone density is built by the calcium contained in the ionized water. Another benefit is that it helps in bone cell regeneration which means your bones are going to be strong and healthy.

3.Strengthens Bones
Calcium available in the water plays a role in making your bones stronger and also help in building the structure of your bone and its density. Because of this, you can take calcium foods such as dairy products, and lettuce alongside your alkaline water.

4.Body Fluids Balanced
Sodium is fantastic in controlling your blood pressure levels, and it can also balance your body fluids. It regulates the body circulation, and body fluids level making it an excellent nutrient for your overall health. Consuming alkaline water will provide you the sodium nutrients that you require.

5.Rejuvenates the Skin
Water is essential for your body as it hydrates it. Alkaline water is absorbed into the body at a cellular level meaning your body is energized and appropriately hydrated. Since you lose water through urination and sweating, keeping your body hydrated is vital to maintaining your body’s water balance.

6.Increased Oxygen Levels
Drinking ionized water helps to promote body circulation which is aided by sodium present in the alkaline water. Oxygen is supplied throughout your body when blood circulates correctly. You get to function better as your brain is provided with enough oxygen, and you get to have a healthy body too. Good blood circulation promotes cell growth which will help in making your skin healthy.

7.Detoxifies the Body
Antioxidants present in alkaline water act as a detoxifier. They clean out the toxins that have piled up from what you have been eating, the environment you live in and any prescription drugs. Removal of acid wastes from the cells and neutralizing the body are the benefits you reap from drinking alkaline water.

8.Nerve Health
Magnesium present in the water helps in promoting nerve health. All you have got to do is consume alkaline water to have healthy nerves.

9.Heart Health Cared For
You can protect your heart from severe diseases in multiple ways. A healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food and you can now add drinking alkaline water. Potassium found in ionized water helps to relax the muscles around the heart to prevent you from having a heart attack or stroke. Research also proves that alkaline water reduces your blood pressure levels, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Other benefits are aiding in digestion, act as an antioxidant, cleanse the colon, lubricated joints and muscles and neutralize acid in the bloodstream among other benefits. Learn more about alkaline water before you get a bottle or several for yourself.

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