The Dynamic Differences in House and Techno Music

The Dynamic Differences in House and Techno Music

House and techno music are both types of electronic dance music. Despite the fact that they are used interchangeably, they are two different styles of music. Along with being different styles of music, there are many other differences between them.

The Birthplaces of Both of These Types of Music

House and techno music, both got their start in different locations. House music was first listened to in Chicago, Illinois around the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. The exact location that they got their start was a nightclub in this town called The Ware-House. Their DJ used to put disco on continuous play and it quickly became popular with the people that regularly visited the club and other people that discovered it.

The song On And On by DJ Jesse Saunders is the first documented House music song in history. On the other hand, techno music is connected with the Detroit, Michigan part of the United States of America. It is believed to have got its start during the 1980’s.

How House and Techno got Their Musical Start

House music is considered to be a type of disco music while Techno is thought of as post-disco music. Also, house music has a more soulful sound and got its inspiration from a variety of music types that include funk and jazz. Techno music was inspired by industrial and electronic body music synth pop, funk, and electro.

Musical Instrument Accompaniments

There are a variety of instruments used to accompany these types of music. They include instruments like the drum machine and synthesizers. Keyboards also help them make these types of music.


In the music world, the tempo has to do with the speed of the music. It is typically described in terms of how many beats happen in one minute. The tempos in these types of music vary. The tempo of house music is between 118 and 135 beats per minute. On the other hand, the beats per minute (tempo)is 130-135.


When it comes to house music, it has a kick drum on every one of its beats. It is known by its 4/4 of beats that repeats itself, hi-hat cymbals that are offbeat, and synthesized basslines. Rather than having each beat having a kick drum, techno has a bass drum on every beat. There is a snare that plays the backbeat for techno. It also has a clap on its second and fourth beats. On top of the two properties, techno also features an open hi-hat on every second eighth note. Techno also has 4/4 beats that repeat itself the same as house music does. When it comes to the feel of the music, house music consists of a lot of melody and techno music is very percussive.

Derivative Forms

The different varieties of house music consist of music types such as electroclash, Eurobeat, and Breakbeat hardcore. On the other hand, the varieties of techno music are euro funk, Eurodance, and Techstep.


The well-known techno artists include are David Guetta and Eric Prydz. The newer techno artists include Chris Liebing and Blake Baxter. During the 80’s and 90’s, techno music was also well-liked in Europe. Over the years, techno has become popular in other countries like Brazil and Eastern Europe.

Despite all of their differences, techno and house music do have one thing in common. They are both types of electronic dance music. However, they will always be known for their dynamic differences that are part of what makes them the wonderful types of music that they are.

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