Tai Chi 108 Moves

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108 moves of Tai Chi
Summary: The 108 moves of Tai Chi, also called the 'long form'. Study it online.
A regular Tai Chi form consists of a series of movements that comprise a form. These forms go from 24 movements, 40 movements to 108 movements. The 108 moves of tai Chi (also called the 'long form') take some 20 minutes to go through and require much effort, both physical and spiritual to execute. Advanced Tai Chi practitioners familiar with the 40 forms finds that doing the 108 moves of tai Chi is just a matter of remembering the order of its shorter form, a rerun of those shorter moves.
The Tai Chi long form consists of three parts, with each part a series of punches, kicks, pushes, and pulls. This form is highly sought because the form is long enough to maintain a solid meditation; its graceful and flowing choreography, actions interlinked seamlessly with each other, really would promote a good physical conditioning.
Learning all the 108 moves of Tai Chi is a daunting prospect. Besides memorizing the entire form and perfecting every movement, the student has to understand the nuances and the applications of the long form.
Shorter and simplified versions of the long form have been developed. Tai Chi traditionalists often argue that these shorter forms have been so much simplified that the effects became so minimal. They argue that the long form actually consists of three short ones, and making the short versions isn't needed. But still, the short forms attracted a considerable crowd, like those who have little time to spare and those partially interested, to experience what forms are all about. Students benefited from it as well. Now they can have a ladder of learning, proceeding only on the next step if they have mastered the previous set.
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