Tai Chi DVD

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Tai Chi DVD

Summary: Learn Tai Chi yourself with an instructional Tai Chi DVD.

I often wondered about the consternation the Tai Chi masters must have felt. Thinking how they have patiently studied the Tai Chi over the years, growing old and senile, and tough as an old goat, only to see the decline of the beloved art and from it rose a new generation of Tai Chi radicals doing it for health and fitness and aesthetics. But what surely did break these pathetic old chaps? Instructional Tai Chi videos and Tai Chi DVDs.

Originally, Tai Chi was taught only to a selected few. It was never taught outside monasteries. But when a Tai Chi master Chen Chang Hsing broke tradition and taught it to a talented student, Tai Chi was released to the common people.

A typical Tai Chi master commits his life to the Tai Chi philosophy in a very early age. Usually he becomes an adept to the art in his teens. But usually not only until he reaches his prime does he attain the rank of a master. Mastering the Tai Chi philosophy takes very much a lifetime to achieve, and traditional masters have done such.

Now, with the advancement of the internet and media, education and learning has now got so many options that the only problem would now be choosing which learning media is the most prospective. You can study tutorial text, watch Tai Chi instructional videos, or enroll in a class.

Most enthusiasts opted to buy Tai Chi DVD. The reason? Tai Chi DVDs are lessons that can be postponed or resumed anytime. Most Tai Chi practitioners today are professionals having hectic lifestyles that enrolling in a class is not a viable option time wise. The lessons may cover an entire form and has proper visuals and footages to complement each learning process.

There are a dozens of good Tai Chi DVDs available online. The problem is which. Here are some sites that offer Tai Chi DVDs that appear to have solid teaching methods:

Dr. Keith Jeffrey offers instructional Tai Chi DVD on his site. He offers various titles to meet various needs.

This site offers more varied catalogue of Tai Chi DVDs since the DVDs came from different experts.

Collage Videos offer plenty of videos, VHS or DVDs. Enter the keyword Tai Chi and a substantial Tai Chi list should appear.
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