Antique Copper Tea Kettle

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Antique Copper Tea Kettle

So you're crazy about antiques. You go especially ga-ga over antique copper tea kettles. But you're new to this whole collecting vintage and antique thing yourself. Or maybe you are just looking for the right antique copper tea kettle that would complete the whole look of your vintage style kitchen.

Whatever your reason, here are some tips to help you find what you're looking for when shopping for antique copper tea kettles.

Where to Search

Antique copper tea kettles are specialized items. As such, they are obviously sold in specialty antique shops. However, antiques can be pretty expensive. If you are shopping on a budget, there are other places to buy from, such as:

Flea Markets or Garage Sales

Whether you are shopping for antique copper tea kettles or other vintage thingamabobs, flea markets and garage sales are always popular. People always have some old thing or another that they want to get rid of and other people are always willing to buy. In your case, you are looking for an antique copper tea kettle, which isn't too common and isn't too rare either. You should find at least one in a garage sale your neighbor is holding or in the flea market.

Online Shops

An alternative place to search is the Internet. In fact, for some people, the Internet is the place to go. Websites such as eBay and other auction sites are great places to find bargain items. You can also directly online antique shops for a more comprehensive catalogue of antique items they have for sale.

Tips on Buying

When it comes to shopping for antique copper tea kettles, the first order of the day is to come early. This is true even if you are doing your shopping online. The good stuff always gets picked up first. And you will have lots of competition. They range from other antique collectors like you, eBayers, professional dealers, flea market junkies, etc. So if you want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you planned on buying, then don't be late.

Next, keep an eye out for potential. Do not believe your eyes right away. Let your mind work. So you see an ugly tea kettle which the owner hasn't even bothered polishing but upon closer look and questions asked, you find that the item is vintage circa, say, 1930s. That's a great find!

Or if the antique copper tea kettle that you found turns out to be cracked, don't get discouraged right away. Think of the things you can do with it; you can turn it into a flowerpot, for instance, or use it as a centerpiece for your antique coffee table. It might just be the accent that you needed to create that perfect look.
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