Black Rum Tea

Black Rum Tea

Black tea has always been an all-time favorite. With its uniquely distinctive taste (both aromatic and flavorful), black tea certainly has a way with getting under your taste buds. To make black tea's taste even more stimulating, a lot of people have tried experimenting with its flavor. As a result, flavored black tea was created, and one of the most popular varieties of flavored black tea turned out to be black rum tea.

What is Black Rum Tea?

Black rum tea is exactly what its name suggests. It is black tea combined with a bit of rum to make your tea experience more interesting. Black tea has always been a favorite, especially in the U.S. market. Black rum tea combines all the distinct characteristics that make black tea so wonderful with another popular beverage - rum.

Below are our top picks for black rum tea: - Jamaican Butter Rum Tea

The Jamaican butter black rum tea at is a fine blend of Ceylon, Indian, and Chinese black teas and combined them with natural rum, sweet butterscotch, and creamy caramel flavors. The result is a rich and aromatic black rum tea with a slightly sweet taste, perfect as a dessert tea. For a special taste treat, add a splash of milk and some sugar into your cup. - Caribbean Rum Tea

Another good brand of black rum tea is Glenbrook Farm's Caribbean black rum tea. The black tea used is fine Assam, flavored with aromatic rum for that perfect tropical island hint in your cup of tea. Glenbrook Farm offers their Caribbean rum tea in 4 oz., 8 oz., or 16 oz. - Rum Tea

Adaigo Teas has always been known to produce excellent quality tea. Now, with their new black rum tea, they offer you the perfect gourmet tea - premium black tea from China flavored with a spoonful of island rum. Adaigo's rum tea is an intoxicating treat, not only because it has a dash of alcohol in it, but because the intensity of its flavors. If you like your black tea served with added flavors, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the superior flavor of Adaigo's black rum tea. - Black Rum Tea

'No worries, 'mon.' That's exactly what offers with their premium black tea from China flavored with a spoonful of tropical island rum. Offered at 4 oz., making ten cups, this black rum tea is intoxicating and soothing all at once. - Buttered Black Rum Tea offers their buttered black rum tea, using the following lines: 'Aye matey, ever been to sea? Don't forget this tea!' First discovered in 16th century England, the British navy adored rum because it was found to last longer than beer, which meant less spoilage, less waste, more happy hour for the sailor boy. Now, offers tea that is sure to remind you of how it was during the sailing days with their loose leaf tea and tea bag sachets. - Jamaican Rum Royal

Its name says it all.'s Jamaican Rum Royal is an exciting black rum tea drink. A touch of rum gives your black tea a bolder and more exciting flavor. A dash of black tea gives your rum a unique taste. The Jamaican Rum Royal is both for the rum lover and the tea drinker.

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