Best Tennis Ball Machine

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Best Tennis Ball Machine

There are a lot of tennis ball machines out in the market that are quite competitive. Choosing the best tennis ball machine can be a difficult decision, after all you would want to have your money's worth, right? If you're looking for the best tennis ball machine then you might first want to consider what features you want your tennis ball machine to have. The 'best' differs for every buyer of different products. First thing, first, what would you want its features to be? Knowing the features of the tennis ball machine that you want to have will let you know what you are looking for and would then be easier for you to choose the product when you see it. Second, consider your budget for the tennis ball machine, in this way, you will be able to narrow down your search and eliminate those that are out of your range. Third, know the brand that you want, take note of those brands that have been known for quality and have proven to be the best in the market, although sometimes new brands can prove to be very good too.

Here are two best tennis ball machines:

Supercoach Tennis Ball Machine
If you need the best tennis ball machine that can be programmed to serve any type of ball (FLAT, LOBE, TOPSPIN, SLICE) anywhere on the court and in any sequence, then this is what you need.
Features: ? Microcomputer controlled
? Control Functions (Level, Mode, Memory, Type, Calibration)
Mode switches: Play, Enter strokes, Pause/Repeat, Fitness adjustment
Memory: Save, Recall
Type Select: Flat, Topspin, Sliced, Lob
Calibration switches adjust the speed and vertical angle of the stroke
? 28 Programs can be saved. Each program can contain maximum of 30
? Seven preprogrammed professional plays
? 8 preprogrammed Professional plays.
? Random Capability
? Fitness switch
? Ball capacity: 200 balls
? Size: H=36 (91cm) L=27'68cm) W=22'56cm)
? Weight: 85lbs (38.5kg)
? Maximum ball speed 85 mph (135km/h)
? A special programming mode allows customizing each and every stroke, up to 16, and you can save 8 of these programs. It is called the Rut8 or OM mode (depending on the control panel version)
Price: $7,495.00
This tennis ball machine is considered the most advanced tennis ball machine and is one of the best. However, if you are looking for something a little lower on the budget but also gives you good quality and gets the job done, then this tennis ball machine may be what you're looking for:
Wilson Portable with Remote and 2 Line Feature
Wilson's most technically advanced and versatile ball machine, which will meet any players practice needs. This machine includes the trajectory, oscillation, speed, interval, and portability features of the Wilson Portable Machine, all conveniently controlled by a small remote control.
Features: ? 2 Line Play
? Remote Control
? Elevation
? Spins
? Oscillation
? Battery Powered and AC power option
Price: $1,374.00

Again, the best tennis ball machine for us depends on the features that we want and our budget for it, just make sure that whatever type or brand of tennis ball machine that you choose, it meets what you want and what you need.

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