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The Rise of Boomer (A Tennis Ball Machine)

Top- seeded players have yet to face their toughest and intimidating contender. It is not just anybody that has been ranked number one in different international tournaments. Instead, it goes by the monicker, Boomer, popularly known as the 'ultimate tennis ball machine'.

Boomer is the first ever tennis ball machine that is competent of not only shooting balls for a number of drills but also sporting through an entire match. This tennis ball machine allows the user to actually play against it. Boomer can do both serves and returns. It also call the lines, make a score, rate the quality of a shot, voice out comments and can do it at any level of ability- from a file neophyte to a world champion.

University of Geoergia's head coach, Jeff Wallace, readily communicated with the Boomer creator and robotics expert, Dave Jordan, after reading a feature about the tennis ball machine in a magazine. 'There is no replica for human competition, but Boomer is a great alternative if someone is absent', he said as his review.

Boomer also has his own senses functioning properly. This tennis ball machine can think, talk, and interact to give the player the feel of a real competition. One interesting facet of Boomer is that the player can regulate the desired degree of difficulty. In other words, this tennis ball machine is versatile. It can ascend to the skills of Pete Sampras or Steffi Graf and go down to the ranks of a plain nobody. If a player happens to hit a strong shot, Boomer will send back to other court a less powerful return. However, if Boomer interprets a weak shot, just be geared up to scamper. Even if Boomer is computer- generated, this tennis ball machine sure knows how to concede. Sometimes, it will send shots into the net as unintentional mistakes to have the player earn more points.

This is tennis ball machine offers a wide selection of drills such as groundstroke, volley, overhead, net, approach and serve which can be executed at any scale of 2.0 to 7.0. It gives points from 1 to 9 depending on the average depth and width of the shots made.

Boomer is a current- favorite by students who have tried playing against it. 'This is better because you can outsmart the tennis ball machine. Humans get frustrated but, you have to make good shots to beat Boomer', said Jarryd Wallace, tennis player from University of Georgia. A highschool sophomore, Shadisha Robinson, remarked that such tennis ball machine is 'helpful for getting a good rhythm on shots.'

So whether you are an amateur or expert, Boomer, the 'ultimate tennis ball machine', is eagerly waiting to have a match- up with no less than, you.
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