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Tenchi in Tokyo

Produced in 1997 by Pioneer Animation and AIC, Tenchi in Tokyo or New Tenchi Muyo in Japan is an anime series with twenty six episodes, and is the 3rd of the Tenchi Muyo series. The episodes are shown on Cartoon Network channel's Toonami block in North America, which started in 2000's fall.

Tenchi in Tokyo is not like its previous series, and the second series is totally unconnected to Tenchi Muyo's first concept, as well as being absolutely different to the first series. A few changes have been made with Tenchi in Tokyo, including Tenchi and a lot of the recurring characters being given an entirely different personality making them dissimilar to previous series. Another of the final change was introducing the girl characters immediately in the first episode then linking how they met Tenchi in the seventh episode, which is unlike the previous series' style, where they were separately introduced.

The main character of the anime series is Tenchi, and in this series he and his grandfather are no longer related to the royal family of Jurai, and the Masaki family's secret in this series is as Planet Guardians that guard Earth from evil. Other returning characters include:

Hotsuma is one the servants of Yugi, and can be identified with the scientist clothes and blond hair. His attention is set on Ryoko and keeping her with him, eventually doing things to prevent Ryoko from being with Tenchi.

Tsugaru is another servant of Yugi, and master in manipulation. He's recognized with is yellow shirt, brown hair, and somewhat effeminate gestures.

Matori a servant of Yugi and create by Yugi to complete her mission. She's recognized by her face's red marks, and black hair. She specializes in creating guardian spirits out of inanimate objects.

Kazuhiko Amagasaki's character was highlighted on Tenchi tutoring him so he could have a summer vacation like everyone else. He's also interested in professional wrestling; he was able to beat Sadako Ikaruno once.

Umanosuke Tsuchida is among Tenchi's new friends in Tokyo, and the grandson of the priest that Tenchi apprentices with. In contrast to Tenchi, Umanosuke does not have interest in inheriting the shrine of his family.

Sugano, Yoshinaga, and Matsuno are the three girls that spend time with Sakuya, matching her up with Tenchi and bringing them together.

There are other minor characters in Tenchi in Tokyo that wait the discovery of viewers. The series have had mixed reviews, including criticisms about the quality of the animation, as well as Sakuya Kumashiro's character which has been seen by the fans as a Mary Sue character type. Finally, aficionados of the series disapprove of the storyline, where a number of episodes use 'villain of the week' method. Nevertheless, Tenchi in Tokyo have had quite some enthusiasts eagerly following the series.
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