Getting Around Tokyo Tips For Taking the Trains in Tokyo

Getting Around Tokyo Tips For Taking the Trains in Tokyo

We all know for a fact that Japan, particularly Tokyo, is one of the best places to visit. It is filled with absolutely everything. From shopping centers to tourist spots to great cuisines, you will see that Tokyo is a city filled with everything that you want to know about Japan. When you do decide to go on a vacation in Tokyo, you may want to know about the public transportation system, particularly about trains.

Basically, the railway system is one of the main public transportations used in Tokyo. It is very convenient, always on time, and it is also the cheapest way to explore the city. Besides, you wouldn't want to spend your entire vacation in your hotel room in Tokyo, would you?

The great thing about the railway system in Tokyo is that it rarely fails; it is very accessible; and also cheap. Once you get to know how the railway systems work in Tokyo, you will find it easy to navigate throughout the city.

First of all, it is very easy to know when your stop is coming up as the signs will be in English as well as in Japanese. On the other hand, if you take the bus, you will need to understand the Japanese language. As for taxis, only one word will describe it: Expensive.

If you plan on staying inside the Tokyo area during most of your vacation, then it will help if you buy a local train pass once you get there. There are 1 day passes, and there are also rechargeable or reloadable cards called Suica or Pasmo. Basically, these two works that same way. The only difference is that Suica is offered by JR East while the Pasmo is run by the metro network.

However, if you plan on going outside the Tokyo area and explore more of Japan, then purchasing a Japan Rail Pass is the best way to go. There are 1, 2, and even 3 weeks passes that you can use on almost any public transport system in Japan. The fastest would be the Nozomi Shinkansen but you will also have access to other bullet trains that you prefer. Although the journey may take 30 minutes longer, you can save quite a sum of money.

In Tokyo, you will see a railway system called the Yamanote Line. This particular railway system is a circular line that is connected throughout the major areas in Tokyo. A complete circle around the city takes about an hour and if you are spending a length of time in the city, you will definitely want to use this line at least once as it is one of the best ways to get around the city.

The great thing about this line is that it is user friendly for tourists. It has English maps on platforms and near the exits which will help you navigate throughout a particular are in Tokyo. However, keep in mind that there are quite a lot of exits. It helps if you buy a guidebook as it will explain which exits to take if you are going to a particular tourist hotspot.

When taking the railway system in Japan, keep in mind that there is about 40 train lines that includes subways and above ground criss-crossing the entire city. It can be quite complicated to understand but once you map out where you want to go, it will be very easy for you to navigate and know which lines to take.

Rush hour is another thing that you need to consider when taking the railway system in Tokyo. It is quite hectic. In Tokyo, rush hours will be between 7:00am to 9:30am and 5:30pm to 7:30pm. If you are traveling with children, then it is best to avoid these times as it can be really crowded in the train stations. However, if you really want to experience what it's like commuting in Tokyo, then you may want to try it out by traveling during the rush hour. Just be ready to be squished and jostled as this will be considered as part of the adventure.

These are the tips if you plan on going to Tokyo and taking the trains as a way to get around the city. Always remember to get a guide book explaining how the Tokyo railway system works in order for you to understand how you can get around the city using the railway systems.

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