Tuxedos For Groomsmen


Tuxedos For Groomsmen

A wedding is like a stage play. The lead roles hold the most important parts, but the overall outcome of the presentation won't be as outstanding unless the rest of the cast do their share.

Most often, wedding hitches happen because the small details are allowed to fall through the cracks. Preparations are focused on the main participants, while those that hold lesser important roles are not given as much thought. True enough, the bride should have everyone's attention. But it doesn't mean that the groom and the rest of the entourage are going to be ignored. Hence, it is essential that planning includes all those that will have a part in making the wedding ceremony as memorable as it should be.

The wedding day attire of the bride, groom, and their entourage is one of the things that will catch people's eyes. And unless, they want to catch them the wrong way, it is advisable that planning should be more than letting each one buy whatever he feels like wearing. It is not a rule that the tuxedos for groomsmen should match that of the groom's. In fact, it is best that the groom stands out from his groomsmen, or else, people will only be able to tell who the groom is by looking at the guy standing beside the bride. Also, while it is acceptable to wear the basics like black, gray, and navy, it is also recommended that the tuxedos for groomsmen should at least complement the dresses of the bridesmaids, if not match them.

A simple way to let the groom standout from his groomsmen is by letting him wear a tailcoat against the coordinating tuxedos for groomsmen. Another is by accentuating the tuxedos for groomsmen with a cummerbund or vest that matches the color of the gowns. Or the groom could opt to wear a vest different from that of the groomsmen, and which would complement the gown of the bride.

The tuxedos for groomsmen and the one for the groom should only be chosen right after the bride has chosen her motif and her dress. If the bride's gown is supposed to be white, then it is not advisable for the men to opt for ivory tuxedos, or vice versa. While this is really not a fixed rule, this will help each participant to look better in the pictures.

Once the bride and the rest of the female entourage have had their gowns selected, it is going to be easier for men to decide what type of tuxedo to wear. And as a stern rule, no man is supposed to out dress the lady he is escorting.

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