A university is a place like a school. Students learn at a university after high school (secondary school) in the United States. In the United Kingdom students learn at a university after secondary school or after college. Teachers at a university educate and do research in difficult subjects. Advanced students
help to research - mostly for their diploma at the end.
The universities were born in Europe during the Middle Ages. The first institution of this type was the University of Bologna that later became a model for similar centers of education. This term can often be used in other cultures to mean centers of higher education and higher thought, although their creation was often well before the Middle Ages.
That earliest division caused the present divisions between literary and scientific fields.
A university can include several campuses, or different places where classes are taught. In each campus there are several faculties and university schools (mainly for teaching), and also laboratories, departments and institutes of research. Many campuses also have housing for students in buildings called dormitories and structures like libraries, study rooms, and gymnasiums for students that live there. Each school offers many courses that students take to earn a degree.
The person with the highest right to control and to command in a university is the rector, who governs the university with the help of the party of vice-rectors and of other organs: social council, governing body, etc.

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