Donts When Playing The Violin

Don'ts When Playing The Violin

Just like in playing any other instruments, there are also don'ts that you have to remember when playing the violin. How you hold the violin and bow, plus your posture can really affect how you play it. So, you have to keep in mind that being a good violinist does not only mean that you have to be good in playing it alone, but you also have to know what are the things to avoid so that the music that you play will be really justified.

Do not disrespect your violin. This means that when you are having difficulty hitting a note and you are starting to get really frustrated, never swing your violin around. Take note: swinging it around will not make you any better as far as playing the violin is concerned. What it will do is that it will damage your instrument because there is a tendency for the neck to break from the body.

Do not use long fingernails when playing the violin. Why? Because this will affect how you touch the strings, resulting to poor sound quality. If your fingernails are long, chances are you will keep on touching the other strings and even the fingerboard. So, the best thing to do is to keep your fingernails short.

Do not hit the bow on anything and never touch its hairs. Take note that the hairs on your violin's bow are very delicate, that's why you should never touch them. And never attempt to hit the bow on anything because even small pressure can cause it to snap in just a fraction of a second. So, better treat it well even if you are getting frustrated playing it.

Do not slump! Keep your good posture at all times. Make sure that your back is straight and that your feet are a bit apart when playing the violin. Although slumping will not affect the overall sound quality when playing, it can very much affect your physical condition, thus you'll find the activity tiring rather than fun.

Do not get into any bad habit, like bowing with the tip of your bow past your left shoulder. Why is that so? Because it will affect how well you play the violin. Instead of forming that bad habit, you better keep straight.

Do not rush learning the advanced part if you are not yet well-versed of the beginner's lessons. No matter how strong your desire is to learn more than the basics, you will never be really good in playing the violin if you do not master the basics first. You have to remember to take one step at a time. The more you try to advance without mastering the basics will just lead you to frustration.

Do not allow rosin build-up on your violin, to the extent that the rosin becomes caked on the strings. This can interfere with the playing of the violin and can affect the overall sound quality. So, make sure that you clean it after every session. You can use a soft cotton cloth when doing so.

These are the don'ts that you have to keep in mind when playing the violin. See, they are not as hard as you think. Simply follow them and you are off to a really great experience playing the violin.

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