Facts On Violin

Facts On Violin

Violin is a very important instrument in all the instruments in an orchestra. It is the soprano of the string group of instruments. It originated in Europe and has since proliferated throughout the world. The violin is considered a very elegant and exquisite instrument.

The violin has many parts like the neck, back and belly. These parts when coordinated and positioned well can produce a very distinct and beautiful sound. There are generally two ways to play the violin. The first way is by drawing a bow across the strings and the second way is by plucking these strings. Correct positioning of fingers and plucking or drawing the bow is necessary for an artist to obtain the correct pitch and tone that he wants.

There are many kinds of violin. The bass violin was the first one to be made from all of these kinds. It was made by Andre Amati in Europe. Other types of violin are stroh, nail and kit violin. The most recent violin to be invented is the electric violin which requires electricity.

Violins are classified under various fields. It is classified according to the era that it was produced. Different violins from different eras have their own features. Violins are also classified according to the age of the person that will use it. It is also classified according to classical and modern violin.

A violin needs extra care so that it will not be damaged. Violins need to be stored in places where there is perfect humidity and temperature. It also has to be held in certain places only. Holding the violin in different places will damage the varnish and will create cracks in the violin.

Niccolo Paganini and Alessandro Rolla are two of the greatest violinists of all time. Rolla is tagged as the teacher of Paganini and has taught him techniques that made him famous. On the other hand, Paganini strived to be the best violinist and he somewhat achieved his goal. He pushed himself and his violin to the limits and came up with different pieces that had earned him fame and respect.

There are various organizations concerning violinist and the makers of violin. One of these organizations is the Violin Society of America. The VSA is a non profit organization and was founded in 1973. It aims to promote the making, repairing and preserving all stringed instruments and their bows. VSA membership is open to people who are interested in violin, viola and cello.

VSA talks about the problems of these people and provides information to craftsmanship, acoustics, innovation and other matters that concerns string instruments. VSA serves its members by sponsoring many competitions to honor exceptional members. There is also an annual convention where in there are lectures, exhibits, concerts and other privileges.

Another organization is the Violin Makers Organization of Arizona International. The VMAAI is foundation aimed to push and expand the art of violin making. It is nonprofit and educational organization. All people who are interested in the making of violin, professional, beginner or novice are accepted in the organization. VMAAI sponsors a yearly workshop for all the people that are interested.

The violin as an instrument has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Nonetheless, it is still struggling in terms of the support that it is getting from people all around the world. People tend to patronize rock bands rather than orchestra. Hopefully, the art of violin making and playing will gain more support and love from all walks of life.

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