Loving The Violin

Loving The Violin

People and things needs care. People care for each other by showing their support, love and giving advices. Material things also need taking care of. Instruments also need this kind of attention. Violins need proper care to avoid rusting and degradation of the instrument.

Violins are instruments that belong to the string family. They are the soprano of the group. Violins have originated from Europe. It has proliferated after Charles IX gave it much attention during his reign. Violins are known for their value on the orchestra.

There has been so much attention on violins that many people have turned to playing the violin. Playing the violin is not just for professionals but for everybody. It is easy to purchase a violin, a bow and all the other materials if you have money. Furthermore, violin lessons are now being offered in schools and online sites.

Like stated earlier, violins need proper handling and care to ensure long life and quality music. This article will help violinists and aspiring musicians to take care of their violins.

1.) Never hold your violin except by the neck and with a chinrest. Violin teachers have said holding violins in the belly specifically the f holes gives crack to the violin. Violins should be carried and held using two hands. Limiting the places where you hold your violin can also help in maintaining the varnish of the violin. Oil from the human fingers can stain the violin with fingerprints and other imprints.

2.) Avoid and never put your violin in a chair and do not lean it on the wall, table or on anything without you standing next to it. People might accidentally kick or sit on your violin. It may also slide down. Always place your violin in a place where it is secure and stable. And if you have to go, make sure it will not block a path or it is not prone to slide.

3.) Check your violin every time you hold it. Make sure that the parts are in the right position. Position the bridge and pegs so that they don't fall too much or are not leaning too distant.

4.) Apply rosin when the violin needs it. Do not apply rosin when the violin still looks good. Too much rosin can produce dust which inhabit on the violin. Certain problems rose from too much rosin like attacking the varnish of the violin due to the fact that rosins are slightly acidic. It can also affect the strings vibration ability.

5.) Clean your violin every after playing it. Wipe it carefully with a lint-free cloth to free the instrument from rosin, sweat and oils. The bow also needs to be wiped but avoid contacting the bow hair with your skin.

6.)Remember to loosen the bow hair when you are done. Tightened bow hair can damage the violin. Never force the violin case to close. Change the violin's position is the case won't close. Place the violin and the violin in places where there is perfect temperature.

7.) Change strings occasionally. String quality lessens with the rosin, oil and sweat. When changing strings, remove the old one first.

The violin is a very delicate instrument. There are people who have taken care of their violin so much that their violins have survived 200 years. Proper handling and caring for the violin is important to save money, time and effort.

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