Write Songs Get Paid A Guide to Cashing in as a Songwriter

Write Songs, Get Paid: A Guide to Cashing in as a Songwriter

If there's one thing that today's considerable album sales, thriving music-streaming services, and internationally adored musicians, performers, and bands prove, it's that the song is here to stay. Just as has been the case throughout history, humans love to listen to personally appealing songs, and to be sure, music is entrenched in countless facets of modern society, from advertising to film and sports to socializing, as well as many others.

With that said, technological breakthroughs, the development of additional music genres, and simple population growth have resulted in a larger and more wide-ranging body of listeners (and customers) than has existed at any other period in time. This point is important for a variety of reasons, one of which is that songwriters currently have ample opportunities to get paid large sums for their work. Because, as anyone involved in the music industry will attest to, writing (high-quality) songs is far from easy!

Like any entertainment sphere, though, songwriting is difficult to break into, and even harder to thrive in. The following tips will help aspiring songwriters get paid as much as they deserve for their work.

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Begin as a Freelancer

Freelancing is demanding, fast-paced, and occasionally difficult. It's also a fantastic way for aspiring songwriters to get started.

While it'd undoubtedly be nice for a songwriter to be hired full-time by a world-famous musician or band, the reality is that those jobs are few and far between, and that when big bucks are shelled out to such employees, it's usually after they've established themselves as reliable by accumulating considerable professional experience.

Thus, joining a freelancing website will allow songwriters to build their credentials and portfolio, make cash, get into contact with big-name clients, and hone their skills.

And when the time comes to interview for a potentially life-changing job opportunity, songwriters that've taken the initiative to freelance will be able to point to a massive collection of work when asked about their experience.

Offer to Revise and Edit Pre-Written Songs

While some musicians, performers, and bands simply love to play their instruments and impress crowds, most other such professionals enter into the entertainment sphere both because they love to play and because they love to create music. Needless to say, this latter point appears to be a massive detriment to songwriters, as professionals who write their own songs don't need others to do so.

In some obvious ways, this point is a detriment to songwriters. However, for the enterprising professional, it can also be an opportunity. Music pros who write their own tracks naturally want them to sound as great as possible; achieving this goal could involve the use of revising, editing, and reviewing services offered by a freelance songwriters. Surprisingly, and to their own detriment, the vast majority of songwriters provide only black-and-white writing services.

Accordingly, songwriters that offer to edit and/or provide professional feedback relating to a song (through a freelancing website) are sure to earn more cash than they otherwise would. Word of their special-tailored services will also spread, thereby amplifying their clientele and income.

Sell Information

Lastly, songwriters can make cash by selling information on their profession that they've picked-up through their personal experience and learning. As was said, some individuals want songs written for them, while others want their own songs tweaked to perfection. An entirely different section of the industry doesn't want either of these things, but rather, wants to become as prolific and "well-versed" as possible in writing their own songs. To be sure, this latter section of the industry may very well account for the majority

To do so, these individuals will have to study, practice, and learn, and they'll almost certainly be willing to turn to an expert to enhance their abilities. In short, songwriters that offer tips, hints, informational guides, answers to questions, e-books, and more on a variety of songwriting topics will be in an excellent position to earn additional cash in one way or another, through consulting payments, book royalties, and more.

These tips are sure to help any and all songwriters become as skillful as they possibly can while earning as much cash as they're able to. Remember that every single song in the world is the result of a writer or writers' considerable effort, and that all songwriters have to start somewhere.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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