Guide to Installing Decorative Window Films

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Guide to Installing Decorative Window Film

The decorative window film has become very popular to residential owners and homemakers over the years. Most of the window films available in the market are pre- cut and can easily be installed, which means you won't have to rely on professional who usually charge exorbitant fees. The decorative window film is usually available in vibrant colors and fabulous designs, with a wide array of choices to fit any window in your house. This product is certainly one of the innovative and modern solutions for homemakers who are on a rather tight budget but would still want to enhance the look of their windows.

When choosing a specific design, you have to keep in mind that it should be consistent to the design style of your home. If you are aiming for the country look, choose a design that would best complement your style. Since the decorative films are less expensive, it should adapt well with the existing design of the house, rather than spending a fortune trying to a change the entire appearance of your interiors.

The decorative window film is quite easy to install and usually done using the wet method. Here are a few simple steps on installing a new decorative film to your window:

First, you have to make sure that the window is cleaned thoroughly, remove all the dusts and grime that have accumulated in the crevices. After that, you can now start to measure the height and the width of the window's glass surface. Be sure to have a half-inch allowance on either side of the film before cutting the film, and then you can safely remove the liner of the window decorative film facing upward. Spray water on the exposed surface that has adhesive and at the same time apply an ample water of water on the surface of the window glass. After thoroughly soaking both the film and the glass surface, place the decorative film on top of the glass then remove the water and air bubbles by using a plastic squeegee. Cut off the extra film with a razor-sharp knife and a ruler and use paper towels to wipe up extra water left in the surface.

You have to take note that the film will normally take several days to dry before it will completely stick to the glass. If can still see some air bubbles, you can use a pin to pop the air packets. Now that you have successfully installed your new decorative window film, you can enjoy its effect to the look of the whole room.

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