The fictional characters, the X-Men, are a team of superheroes who were born with special mutant powers, making them different from regular humans. The X-Men characters are owned by Marvel Comics, which publishes comic books featuring them as well as many other superheroes. The comic book was one of the first to combine social issues and commentary into a superhero story, set in a world where people with mutant abilites are hated by those born without them. This is similar to acts of racism seen throughout history. Unlike some mutants, the X-Men try to be good and show tolerance toward humans and other mutants.
Original X-men.
The original X-Men, as created by writer Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, were
and all first appeared in "X-Men #1" (Sept 1963).
The leader and mentor of the X-Men is Professor Charles Xavier, who is more commonly known as "Professor X" and has mental powers.
Other X-men.
Some of the X-Men's enemies include Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad, Juggernaut, Mister Sinister and Apocalypse.
Other media.
The X-Men characters have since been featured in various comic book series, motion pictures, toys, animated series, and much more.

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