Curry Village Yosemite

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Curry Village Yosemite

Also known as Camp Curry, the Curry Village Yosemite is one of the largest lodging facilities available in Yosemite Valley. It was founded in 1899 by the two school teachers from Indiana, David and Jenny Curry. The idea for the foundation actually came out when the pair recognized that they could not afford the fare of the coach running into the Yosemite National Park and the charge for lodging in the park. Knowing that other visitors may also realize such fact, they established the Curry Village Yosemite, offering affordable lodging rates.

Curry Village Yosemite currently offers a wide selection of lodging options. Included in the list are motels, cabins that are equipped and not equipped with private restrooms, and a few tent cabins without plumbing. With this large selection, the Curry Village Yosemite is considered by both locals and tourists alike as the most popular lodging options in the Yosemite National Park.

Speaking of lodging options, Curry Village Yosemite now boasts five major types of facilities available for their guests to stay. These options include the following:

Standard Motel Rooms: Nestled at the Stoneman House, the motel rooms of Curry Village Yosemite come full equipped with one, two or three double beds and private baths. Also, if you want a maid service while staying there, the standard motel rooms of Curry Village Yosemite offer a daily maid service. There is even heating amenities, but telephone or televisions are not included.

Cabins with Bath: The cabins in Curry Village Yosemite are built from wood. They are furnished with one double, one double and one single, or two double beds; electric wall heaters; dresser and desk; as well as electric lights and outlets. Just like the standard motel rooms, television and telephones are not provided. What's nice about these cabins is that they are all built with outdoor patios or decks, giving the guests a place to stay for a relaxing evening or afternoon. Daily maid services, blankets and linens are also available.

Cabins without Bath: Also built from woods, the cabins without bath provide guests a place to stay for a Yosemite vacation. These cabins have dresser, two double beds, and propane heating, but they do not have telephones, televisions, and plumbing. They also offer a daily maid service, blankets and linens.

Specialty Cabins: These options are generally similar to the cabins mentioned above. The main difference is that these cabins have one or two bedrooms, a sitting area, fireplaces and television.

Canvas Tent Cabins: These cabins are generally canvas-covered and are wood-framed on a raised wooden platform. According to claims, these can accommodate about five people. Also, these options are equipped with beds and linens, and electrical lights. There are no daily maid service, telephone, plumbing, electric outlets, and televisions, however.

Note that the rates for such lodging options provided by the Curry Village Yosemite usually vary from $74 to $120. You can also book your stay at this place through reservations.
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