A zebra is a mammal of the "Equidae" family. The name "zebra" is used for several different species of the genus "Equus". Zebras live in Africa. Zebras are related to horses and donkeys.
All zebras have a very short fur. Their fur has black and white stripes. The main part of the body has mostly vertical stripes, and the legs have horizontal stripes. They also have a dark line down their back. Each of the different zebra species has a bit different stripes.
Zebras live in families with one male and lots of females. They can have babies (foals) when they are about five years old and can have one foal every year. Zebras mainly eat grass, but they also eat fruit, leaves and some vegetables. They always live near water.
Zebras live naturally in Africa, south of the Sahara desert. But most zoos have them as well.

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