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Airplay Advertising

Get exposure on our Internet Radio & TV Station. Our stations also streams through our Android App.

Non-Commercial Radio/TV Airplay

Non-Commercial Radio Airplay
We will air up to 3 of your songs. Genres we accept are Gospel, Christian, Instrumental, Smooth Jazz, Techno, Trance, Dance, House, or Electronic. You will get unlimited airplay for $20.00 one time payment - Buy

Non-Commercial TV Airplay
We can air your video or film on our Internet TV. We accept music videos, educational, how to's, health, comedy, fitness and indie films. You will get unlimited airplay for $30.00 one time payment - Buy

Terms Of Agreement
We offer non-paid promotional airplay. You MUST own the copyright to your material. No content with curse words, clean lyrics please. Your music must be MASTERED MP3 Format Only! 256k or lower. Submissions Must Be Approved By Our Programming Department Before Promotion Begins!

Commercial Radio/TV Airplay

Commercial Radio Airplay Commercial TV Airplay
1 Month $15
1 Month $25
6 Month $84
6 Month $144
12 Month $156
12 Month $276
New Intro Ads $100/m
New Intro Ads $100/m

Try Our New Intro Ads!
Our new Intro Ads, guarantee your ad will play before our stream begins! (90% More Airplay)

Commercial Airplay is for Advertising your Products or Services
Commercial Ads must be 60 seconds or less.

After payment, email us your media along with your Paypal Receipt or Transaction ID number to

Your media may be re-encoded to ensure playback on all devices and networks.