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If you need quick & easy analytics software for your website and don't want to rely on 3rd party plugs-ins that slow down your site, try Supreme Stats. It only requires PHP & Javascript to run, easy copy and paste installation. Just paste the software in your website's root directory. Takes less than 2mb of space...

After installation just add a small line of code to each of your webpages or just the ones that you wish to track, than you're all set up. Supreme Stats comes preinstalled with Skypress Universal Site Builder & Sky-tunes !Click Here, to see what's new with Supreme Stats!

Supreme Stats Shows:
* Visits up to last 30 days
* Top 1k Search Keyphrases
* Bounce Rate for current month
* Remove duplicate hits and referral spam
* Referrals - Date & time stamp referral to referee
* Search Engine Traffic - Detects up to 14 different search engines
* Traffic Ranking - Shows your ranking report, you can also show to your visitors!
* Sites Linking In - Using your referral data, we will estimate the number of sites linking to your site
* Supreme Stats comes with traffic statistics and ranking software that is approve by Supreme Search. Our ranking algorithm works in real time, using your sites traffic logs.

Privacy Focused & Lightweight
* Lightweight - No MYSQL Required.
* Compliant Meets GDPR, CCPA and PECR Policies.
* Anonymous - No IP tracking, cookies or fingerprinting.

How Do I Check My Stats? Visit ex: yoursite.com/stats
Can I See An Online Demo? For Online Demo Click Here
How Do I See My Traffic Ranking? Visit ex: yoursite.com/stats/?mode=your_rank
What About Maintenance? You should delete All Logs files once a year. Recommend "last day of Dec".
How Much Traffic Can I Track? Up to 1 million pageviews per month at 128 memory_limit. You can increase PHP memory_limit to track more.
How To Install Tracking Code On Pages? Just link to the stats.js file. Add to bottom of each page, example below:

Tracking Code: <SCRIPT SRC="stats.js"></SCRIPT> How To Install? 1) Copy "stats folder", "stats.js" & "sky-password.php". 2) Open ftp, on your site. Paste "stats folder", "stats.js" & "sky-password.php" in your root directory of your site... ex: mysite.com/stats, mysite.com/stats.js & mysite.com/sky-password.php. All Done...

Get The Ranking Your Deserve!

Have you ever been to a analysis site, punch in your website's url just to get "Sorry not enough data"? This can hurt your stats if you are trying to get advertisers. Don't rely on these sites to represent you. Supreme Stats comes with traffic statistics and ranking software that is approve by Supreme Search. Our ranking algorithm works in real time, using your sites traffic logs...

You can also share your statistics and traffic ranking with your web visitors and advertisers!

Supreme Stats Version 3.8

Stats 1 Stats 2 Stats 3 Stats 4
Tech Support
Software Installation
Install Tracking Code On Pages 8 Pages 16 Pages 24 Pages
Price $30 $80 $160 $240
If your package includes installation, we will email you after payment for your ftp, cpanel or web hosting login info.
(c) 2024 www.supremesearch.net. All rights reserved.

What's New

Version 3.8

* Track mouse movement over links and images

Version 3.6

* Track mouse clicks & mobile touch from Webpages

Version 3.5

* Fix Password Issues

* Fix character compatible issue

* Can now ad longer monetize codes

Version 3.4

* Monetize Your Web Stats

Version 3.3

* Domain Rating Update

* View Traffic From Cities

* View Traffic From Countries

* Search Keyphrases Update

* Editable Dashboard Colors

* Editable Background Image

Version 3.2

* Fix Bounce Rate

* More Detailed Report

* Better Wordpress Support