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Skypress Lite Affiliate Program

Make Up To 50% Commission Per Sale!

General Product Info

Skypress Lite is a Wordpress Theme that let's you create beautiful websites, blogs, search engines, packages, squeeze pages & more instantly.

The current sales price after fees is $48.25. You will earn a commission of 50%. That's $24.13 per sale by just referring Skypress Lite to others, while at the same time they will thank you for helping them to achieve their goal in creating their new website.

How To Get Started As An Affiliate

Step 1) Generate Your Hop Link by adding your Paypal email.

Step 2) Refer people to purchase Skypress Lite through your hop link and we will take care of the rest. We will track the sale all the way from your link to the purchase.

Once a sale is made, we will distribute the profits between us & the Affiliate (You) - in this case you are credited a whopping 50% per sale.

Every 15 days, we will send you a the commissions earned directly to your paypal address.

HopLink Generator
HopLink Generator


Traffic Source
Paid Source - Facebook Ads
Paid Source - Instagram Ads
Paid Source - Google Ads
Paid Source - Microsoft Ads
Paid Source - Reddit Ads
Paid Source - Twitter Ads
Paid Source - Warrior Plus
More Coming Soon...


Q: How does Skypress Lite handle customer inquiries? 

A: When a customer reaches us by phone or email, our first response is to offer support for the product. However, in some cases a product may be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond our control, in which case a cancellation or a return may be processed.

Q: What is the policy for returns requested within the 60 day return period? 

Skypress Lite may approve a return of a sale in response to a customer dispute. When a sale is returned, the customer receives a 100% refund, and payouts from that sale are debited back out of the affiliate accounts.

Q: Why a Customer May Request a Return? 

Skypress Lite has every incentive to keep customers happy by providing quality products and service. To promote customer satisfaction, Skypress Lite reserves the right to reverse a sale for the following reasons (list non-exhaustive): 

  • If the customer provides a valid reason for requesting a return within the time frame permitted in the applicable Seller Return Policy;
  • If the customer provides a valid report that the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized;
  • In order to comply with credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, PayPal terms of service, U.S. law, and requests from verified US judiciary or law enforcement agents; or
  • For any other reason Skypress Lite deems appropriate.

  • Q: What are our goals at Skypress Lite

    Skypress Lite is a brand new product for the market. It has been tested and proven to be a great product. While our programmers are working hard to bring newer versions of Skypress Lite. We're going to give you more tools, resouces, videos and traffic sources coming soon. Because we want our affiliates to succeed, we can't make it happen without you. We appreciate your partnership with Skypress Lite. May our partnership last a lifetime!