Submission Terms

1) If you submit a foreign language site be sure that there is a link to an english version in easy reach.

2) If you have any problems with your listing feel free to us about it at

3) All websites will be reviewed before being added to our search engine. Your site must not contain any inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise unagreeable content. We do not accept any adult websites or illegal websites.

Any websites that contain the following content or links to the following content will not be added to our search engine. Any websites that are already listed in our database, adds links to the following content listed above will be deleted from our database without notice. You Have Been Warned!

4) Clients understands that we do not guarantee sales or signups through our advertisement services and will not issue a refund if none are achieved. This is due to the fact that our service requires expensive dedicated servers and utilizes a high amount of bandwidth.

Once your order has been completed, we have no way to recover the investment that we have made in servers, bandwidth, operator time, etc if we were to allow refunds. However, if your website is not accepted into our advertisement services your money will be refunded in full.

We only accept submissions that are suitable for viewing by all ages. Please respect our viewers.

Please Report: Any websites that break our "Terms Of Agreement" to


Please Read This states payments for items sold outside eBay are not covered by Papal's Seller Protection. Intangible goods (such as digital goods or services are also not covered by Papal's Seller Protection. In order to protect our sells; we have to update our "Terms of Agreement".

Please read the following below:

1) We have to ship a physical item to your paypal's address with your order.
2) We will ship a letter that contains your account infomation listed within it.
3) Our letter is shipped with tracking & delivery confirmation
5) We will perform fraud screening check.
6) Our prices are slightly higher; do to these new "Terms of Agreement".
7) If your order fails our fraud screening check, your money we be refunded.
4) Were a US base Company, please contact us before making International orders over $100.