The Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers Bio

One day, I was working outside in my flower garden, And I heard the voice of the Lord said to me "Go into the highways and hedges and do my work and I did." By Evangelist Fannie Roberson

The Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers been out in the field doing God's work since 1997. Working in homes, streets, churches, & hospitals. God Call Evangelist Fannie Roberson at age 12 years old. She started church at the age of 9 years old. She than meet Mr. Jimmy Roberson in 1975 at High School. Than they got married and had three sons raised them up in the church. Their names are Solomon, Jonathon, & Jimmy Junior. God call us to do his work. Mr. Jimmy Roberson was called to be God's Deacon in 1997. God said he was going to use our whole family. My son Solomon plays the keyboard. Jonathon plays the bass guitar. And Deacon Jimmy Roberson plays the lead guitar. And he also leads and backup for our group. Evangelist Fannie Roberson is the lead singer and she preaches the word of God. We are still working in the highways and hedges. And Through our work for God souls has been save and set free thanks to God, and we give him honor and glory for using us for his glory. "Lakecia Jones my niece also travels and help the Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers" by Evangelist Fannie Roberson.

We The Hedges and Highways thank everyone that brought our cd's. Please continue to support our work and I know that God will always bless you. Many souls have been deliver by our work through Jesus Christ our Lord. Please keep us in your prayers and we will do the same. God Bless.

Lead Singers: Evangelist Fannie Roberson & Deacon Jimmy Roberson
Keyboard: Solomon Roberson
Lead Guitar: Deacon Jimmy Roberson
Bass Guitar: Jonathon Roberson

God Bless Always from the Hedges And Highways Gospel Singers.

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