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Search 3000 Web Kiosk Linux

Startup your pc with Search 3000!

Search 3000 Web Kiosk is a Debian/Porteus-based live CD and USB that allows your computer to boot directly into Search 3000! It's simple, lightweight, and perfect for a quick browsing session on your pc.

Perfect for internet cafes, libraries, and terminals.
Secure can't be infected with viruses & malware.
Can run on old low powered, low cost machines.
Can be used as backup if "Windows" crashes or hard drive fails.

Desktop Interface
Powered By Linux!
Our desktop interface is similar to our online version.
However, some icons & programs required double click to run.

How To Use Live CD ISO
1) Download the ISO
2) Use ISO burner to burn ISO - Here
3) Have your pc/laptop boot from cd/dvd

How To Use Live USB
1) Download the BIN
2) Use imageusb to copy BIN to flashdrive - Here
3) Have your pc/laptop boot from usb

Porteus Web Kiosk *Better
Supports Java
Supports HTML5
Supports Adobe Flash

System Requirements
CPU must support 64bit instruction
Only Wired Internet Connection Supported
Porteus Kiosk works with Intel/AMD processors only.

512 MB of ram or more required
Touchscreen hardware is supported out of the box

Download Live CD ISO
Porteus Web Kiosk V.1 (192 MB)

Shortcut Keys
HomePage - (Alt + Home)
Back - (Scrolllock + Backpage)

Debian Web Kiosk *Good
Java Not Supported
Supports HTML5
Adobe Flash Not Supported

System Requirements
256 MB Of Ram
Wired Internet Connection For Live CD
Wired Or Wireless Internet Connection For Live USB

Download Live CD ISO
Debian Web Kiosk V.1 (670 MB)

Download Live USB BIN
Debian Web Kiosk USB V.3 (3.74 GB)

Admin Log-In Details
Debian Login: root
Password: root

For Debian Web Kiosk:

1) Press "Alt" + "F4" to close window.
2) Rightclick and select "exit".
3) Debian Login: root
4) Password: root
5) Type: "halt" and press enter.
Or "Press" pc power button.

1) Press "Alt" + "F4" to close window.
2) Rightclick and select "exit".
3) Debian Login: root
4) Password: root
5) Type: reboot and press enter.

Internet Connection/Troubleshooting - Click Here

For a tutorial on, How to create your own web kiosk. Click Here
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